Tall socks- inside or outside

For some reason, I find the socks over breeches a little bit affectatious, unless one is wearing non-zip boots. Even though 90% of equestrians seem to do this. But that, alas, is a character flaw in myself–I try not to be judgmental!


I’d say that fashion is bleeding into the horse show world.[/QUOTE]

I think the opposite, actually. If anything, the tall sock look probably started with the horse world. People have had socks on the outside of breeches forever - back before zippers it was the only way to get your boots to slide on smoothly and keep your breeches from riding up.

Now with zippers I suppose boot socks are a bit of a vestigial organ, but I still love mine. I have tons in fun patterns and always wear them outside my breeches. Out of habit from pull-on days, and because I like being able to take them off. And because they’re cute.

I wear my boot socks as trouser socks at work sometimes - instead of, say, knee-highs or normal socks - and I get SO MANY COMPLIMENTS on them. People freaking love the glimpse they get of my wildly-patterned ankles!