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TB Event stallions- Rather Well, Lucarelli

I’m looking to breed my TB mare this spring to produce and event horse for myself. I’ve done quite a bit of research and can’t decide which stallion to go with.
About my mare: 16hh, is short coupled, very straight legs, nice hock angle, and a slight up hill build. All three of her gaits are nice, as well as her jump. I’m looking to improve her but would be fine if I ended up with a horse of her ability (preliminary lvl), hopefully that makes sense. Temperament is important, don’t mind hot but don’t like nasty.

I like older TB types like AFR, who of course isn’t available.
Rather Well is still standing and I’ve heard nothing but good things about his progeny. But I’m not sure if he would cross well with my particular mare’s confirmation as he seems to be a bit downhill. As my mare is not super uphill I’m not sure how that would cross. Anyone know if he passes this on?

Lucarelli is also very intriguing as far as pedigree and conformation, but can’t find information on temperament.
If anyone has any info/input I’d love to hear it. Any other TB stallion suggestions are welcome.

Artrageous (standing in FL) has some nice foals. Not sure if any are competing, or at what level, but they tend to move well. I have a coming 4 y/o TB filly by him who is super fancy, though on the smaller side (15.3). She trots like a WB, gallops like a TB, jumps like a hunter and has a baby-doll sweet temperament. The stallion is very pleasant, well-mannered and seems to pass that on.

Conformation-wise, the foals I’ve seen from him have lovely front ends, but sometimes are a little weak in the hip. I’d use him on a mare with a strong hindquarter and good loin connection.

I don’t know if he could produce a 4* horse (anyone’s guess!), but I’d definitely consider Artrageous for Preliminary level goals.

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Thanks, yes he’s nice but I’m trying to avoid Mr.P in the pedigree if I can

Thanks, yes he’s nice but I’m trying to avoid Mr.P in the pedigree if I can[/QUOTE]

any reason why? Does your mare have a high dose of Mr P? There’s a lot of good things to get from Mr P from an eventing perspective. You can’t shake a stick without hitting a Mr. P TB in the LL.

Rather Well’s FB page is fairly active. I’ve seen a few of his get competing and it’s nice also to see the videos of them doing well.

Artrageous is beautifully conformed… my reservations for him would be why he isn’t competing. I agree with the note about the lack of substance in the hip but otherwise he is very nice.

There is also Baatesh who has an extraordinarily strong and consistent pedigree for someone looking for a horse that is game for Prelim… IIRC he is being pointed towards eventing (off the track in 2013? 2014? I can’t remember). He’s a nice mover.I’ve been keeping my eye on him since Avalon listed him.

Can you get Lucarelli in the states?

There’s Musketier if you want Acatenango.

Sea Accounts?

I’d also look at Weston Justice. He is mostly TB and frozen is available in the US. My WB/cross mare unfortunately didn’t catch with him (or anyone). But his offspring are doing well…especially with ammies at the 1-2* level with a few get going up the levels.

Do you only want TB? I’d personally look at some crosses and Trak. I’m putting one of my mares to Royaldik. Terrible name but I saw him in person and loved him.

FWIW I notice he is offered on one of the auction sites(Canadian Warmbloods??) but it looks like they were offering live covered or AI on the farm?? SO get clarification if they ship collections. (Might have just been awkward wording.)

There are also these TB stallions that also evented: Sea Accounts, Salute the Truth…and Sea Lion (who I seem to remember has really good bone??)
(For trakehners stallions, I have a crush on Tatendrang -long legs amazing dressage scores and jump and stamps his get–he is also in some auctions. )

Colleen Rutledge has Clever Deception…Sorry I forgot his JC name…LOL…but he is by Medaglio D Oro and won a T3D last year has been well received at 4-5YEH and is going Prelim…

Jackaroo is 94% TB. But I’m not sure if you can get a registered horse from him. He’d be frozen only, of course.

Beowulf-Nothing against Mr. P but I don’t feel I need to bring another foal into this world with him in it. I’ve had some Mr. P horse and like them well enough. But if I want one I’ll go buy one since they are a dime a dozen. My mare has no Mr. P and just one line leading back to Northern Dancer.
That being said I do like the look of Baatesh and haven’t heard of him before. More research will be required.
I can get Lucarelli in the states. I’ve looked at Musketier and though his stud fee is reasonable for a TB, 7,000$ is still a lot to spend on semen.

Omare- Is Salute the Truth still standing? Ah I forgot about Sea Accounts!

Vineyridge- I’m not overly concerned about registering so Jackaroo would be an interesting option. Know anything about his foals?

There is also the Gemini…the Gem Twist clone. I think he was $5000.

If you know Nina Gardner…perhaps her TB boy National Anthem. http://www.pedigreequery.com/national+anthem3

Late bloomers but they can jump. I’m not sure if she stands him to many (any) outside mares.

They show a 2016 stud fee for STT.

Love the pedigree of Nina Gardner’s stallion.

Think Superequine has Lucarelli available - frozen.
How about Chiron?

that is too cool re: lucarelli availability in the states… nice pedigree.

re: musketier – another poster actually directed me to him and reports his owners would flexible regarding a sport (non-race) breeding.

seeing mr p in a pedigree wouldn’t be enough to turn me off of any stallion – you are eliminating a LOT of possible candidates if you go that route.

3phase- Like Chiron but my mare is gray. Don’t mine a gray but like the chance of non gray :). Maybe for an F2 breeding.

Anyone know of One more tiger? Not sure if he is available in the states but I find him interesting.

Every time I see the name Royaldik I prick up my ears - to learn more about him and his offspring.

OP thank you for the kind comment about A Fine Romance.
AFR has a very ‘old’ pedigree with many of the most influential TBs in his family - he is 4x4 Nasrullah, 5x5 Princequillo, with Royal Charger, Bold Bidder, Turn to,My Babu, etc.
He has no Mr P or ND in his pedigree.
There are two youngsters who will not be breeding in 2016, but who may be available for limited breedings in 2017.
One is a full TB son of AFR - with no ND and no Mr P - which I think is remarkable in this day.
The other is an AFR grandson by VDL Windsor (Indoctro - Ahorn). His dam is a ful sister to an Advanced event horse and winning GP jumper.
I know this doesn’t help you for this year, but keep your eye out for them in the future. :slight_smile:

Yes, Salute The Truth is still standing this year. We are taking each year one at a time since he’s getting up there in age. Last year, he settled every mare but one on the first breeding (and that mare was an older maiden who’s owner opted not to try again) - we’re hopeful that this year will be the same! There are lots of Willy photos and Willy baby photos on our Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/dodonfarm

If you are interested in Jackaroo, I suggest you get in with William Micklem who is his owner. William will probably have all the information you could possibly need to consider when making your choice.

Not 100% TB but hold cow do I love Jaguar Mail and there’s no Mr. Prospector on the TB side (but there is Buckpasser, which I love).