TB's I Have Known - [FB PAGE STARTED w/ Database!!! - update on 1st post]

UPDATE: I have started a Spreadsheet so that we can have a Master List. It can be edited by anyone, so let’s see if we can all add to it, with out it getting trashed. Here is the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvEQvR7Wztv8dEhQYUxRX0ZQZHRyZGVIWnB6THpkdFE#gid=0

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I once found a TB I galloped, at Re-Run in Ky. I contacted the director there, and td her everything I knew about him, and also gave her my contact I do for any potential adopters. Not long after a woman contacted me, and eventually adopted him. She later told me that it was hearing all of my stories about his early years that sealed the deal for her.

UPDATE - Thanks to catknsn, we now have a list of every TB that has been named on this thread, so far. If you would like to add a TB - or TBs - please post their names on this thread, or contact catknsn.

The Link to the OLD COTH TB’s We Have Known List is: http://www.pretzelkitty.com/cothlist.html

Seeing how small the horse community really is, I thought it would be neat if we could post all the Thoroughbreds we have trained/ridden/owned and cared for, and compare notes. Who knows…you may find out what hapened to that TB you once galloped years ago.

I’ll start:

Axe Master
B.B.‘s Pleasure
Bubba Do
Cautious Val *R.I.P my friend :frowning: *
Colonial Stand
Delightfully Irish
Dirty Bird
Feeling His Oats
Flying Max
French Warpaint
Grooming Kneedles
Happy Club
Hawaiian Query
Joe Also
Killer Creek
Lac Azure
Lady Love
Latin Maiden
Latin Beauty
Leading Easy
Lindy Beam
Lizzie Did It
Lost Sonnet
Master Rasper
Minority Stock (He was my FAVORITE, and one that I would LOVE to find)
Miss Bishop
Money Magnet
Mt. Mompers
Naughty Mist
Nicole’s Pleasure
Painted Portrait
Patton’s Charge
Repeat Peteski
Rico Raider R.I.P Major
Rio Grill
Senor WIll
Shannon’s Fame
Sharp Playgirl
Short Street
Sing Moon
Smoke Him Joe
Steel Bonnet
Sweetalkin’ Abby
U So Bad
U SO Fine

Well, those are it for now…I’ll add more later, as I think of them.

Haven’t met any of those, but wondering if anyone has worked with my horse’s sire, Bounding Basque (now deceased–raced in the mid 80’s) or any
of his progeny?

And a horse named Fort Metfield that was still racing several years ago–
gorgeous horse! Saw him at Lone Star and he took my breath away that day.

ummmm let see… These are old horses that we owned, trained, etc…

Act Straight-still have( mama)
Naked Inspiration- Still have- his new show name is Naughty By Nathan
Counting on Brian- Still have- He new s/n is Hot Topic.
Mama’s Babies-
Concordes Act
Concoordes Bound
Give me A Buck- he is now I think a Amatuer/Owner I would love to see how he is. There is no Tattoo, he was never raced, but was in training. He is about 17.2 hands with a broken off centered strip. I dont have any pics of him on the computer, I will get some soon
Winning Desting

Other horses
Canaros sp? I was young
Dutchess Nicole
Banjo Jr.
Silver Captian
Mesmeric Shadow
The Shadow Knows
California Catch
Bold Cutlass
Destiny’s Way
Super J.R
Sonic Jet
Hockley’s Pride
Satins Countess
Columbus Quest
Desert Fun
Cherokke Indigo
Billy Romantico

will think of more:)

Wow, I don’t think there is enough room to list who I’ve ridden (to be honest I do’nt think I can remember all their names) but here are my top faves (ones I’ve galloped or own as broodmares):

Private Emblem
Ruby Ruby Doo
Forever Bertie
Kisses for Bertie
Grades Gold
Boone’s Diamond
JP’s Way
Helen’s Mill
Storm Fleet
Our Eden
Ghazi Osbourne

I’ve known some lovely OTTBs, but I’ll only post my current guy:

Bankhisego (Bold Ego- Casus Belli, by Caucasus)
Raced in New Mexico in 2001.

I couldn’t EVER post my whole list. If anyone has a Pacific Northwest horse, though, I might know it.

BasqueMom, we have either a half- or full-sister to Bounding Basque. She’s not any trouble.

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Freebird! Was Delightfully Irish a big chestnut (16.3) gelding w/a hind sock and a star/stripe? Very handsome. If so, I think I own him now!

I just have a couple that I wonder about…

Especially Honored
Special Cure
Special Power
Lunar Spook
Red Bandana

I have seen some horses I train on this forum in the Hunter/Jumper having a useful 2nd career:D CND jumper has one of my favorites, her reg name was Little Gusher. Glad some one loves her:yes:

Nope. :no: Delightfully Irish was a mare that my husband and I bred, that ended up maturing at 14.2 1/2 hands. After my husband and I seperated I gave her back to husband who donated her to some woman in Athens I think, though I haven’t anything more about her. She’s 7 and a light bay with a checkmark on her forhead. I sure miss my Maggie Mae.:cry:

Freebird- When did you have Master Rasper?

I remember him from his days owned by Kinross Farm and being a steeplechaser.

I galloped on a training farm and didn’t know most of their JC names (plus it was 20 years ago!) But here are a few I did know from that farm:

Tandis Que
Putting Green
Endless Love
Bold American

These guys we own now but they are all 15-20 yrs. old!

Count Glen
Snowden’s Carter
Blacken Sword

Here is my list:

Ivana Scavar
Mapso’s Pride
College Point
Mask Dancer
Royal Cozzene
John Karavas
Labor Lady
Metropolitan Lady
Princess Corbett
Blues Beauty Allly
Hull Street Blues
Harvard Mistress
Loving Empress
Magical Thunder
Fast Buck Sam
Another Nickle
Key to Profit
Rio Gal
Dollar n’ a Dream
Buggy Ray
Emma M
Final Silver
Even on Sundays

All NY bred, miss some of them a whole lot.

These are some that I knew years ago (at Laurel Park) and wonder about:

Fortunate Outlook
Auto Train
One Tuff Oop
Mt. Airy Night
Bold and Gorgeous

One I rode as a kid:

Greek Drama

And a few that were claimed off of my family:

Stode’s Baba
Chief Rainbow
My Girl Quigly

I currently have(riding horses):

Lord Hansel
Formal Raise


[quote=SteeleRdr;2422453]Freebird- When did you have Master Rasper?

I remember him from his days owned by Kinross Farm and being a steeplechaser.[/quote]

Awwww…I haven’t seen him since he was a weanling. He and his dam, With Love belonged to my boss - the trainer of the farm I galloped/worked at, and also the father of my H/J instructor. We called him Derby at the farm, and he was a pistol! He would beat up on the other babies - as well as his mama, lol - and even broke my finger when he decided to rear up one day and my finger got in the way. We always said he would be a great 'chaser, with his build. :yes:

He did fairly well as a chaser. I can’t remember if Kinross sold him or he got claimed…but I remember him being a PITA at the races. But…Neil does really well with horses that have quirks. I think all of his really nice racers have all had something funny about them (I think it’s Sur La Tete that is clostraphobic (sp?)).

You all are going to make me think to remember all the ones I’ve ridden. That’s a BIG list! I’ll get back to work and think on it…and post back :slight_smile:

So here is a partial list:

Fontaine Keys
French Connection
Frank de Huff
Greek Mytholody
Classy Ivor
Ziggy’s Berry Boy
Mr. Rokeby
Delta Wheel
A Musical Pole
Sassy JR
Gol Lee
You Old Smoothie
My Mogul
Where’s the Wire
I’m Telling
Amends Morning
Frozen Fighter
Mocha Donut
January’s Sweetheart
American Ice
Classical Queen
No No Josephine
Orinoco Man
Speedy Returns
Token Treasure
Half a Case
Blue’s Creek
Stormy Dan
Voodoo Spell
Chloe’s Choice
Nunya Business
Jolly Way
Spring Stream
Leed’s Creek
Mortar Board
Virginia Grand
Slady’s Blue Boy
Alden’s List
Lad Lanigan

And many many more that I’m blanking on at the moment…

Would anyone out there know about my two guys -

Desert Bloomer - CA bred raced at Golden Gate, Bay Meadows and Emerald Downs

At The Ready - bred in Kentucky, last training at Emerald Downs

Any information would be great!!!

Most of mine are broodmares.

Sober Jig (probably deceased)
Crypto Game
Tray Bone
Perfect Arc
Celtic Bronze
Joyce’s Dream (last known eventing under the name Maximum Flight Pay)
Dark Palette
Southern Tradition
Deceptive Stroke (last seen racing over timber about 5 yrs ago)
Kind Permission (not his registered name, last known eventing in Area I 3? yrs ago)

The TB’s I have known

Here they are…not as many as some of y’all

The first three are by Vanlandingham

Diamondham (aka Northlight, my advanced event horse)
Miss Muscles
Van Van

A Shore Thing
Brandenburg Gate
Don Guys Bucky
Slew Plate Special
Whisper Inthesand

I’m sure there are more, but this is a start