Technical safety stirrups with an offset eye?

So several years ago, I made the switch to the MDC ‘S’ stirrups, added some comfort pads, and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I have terrible joints, and these made riding so much more comfortable for me.

I’d love to find something similar in safety stirrups (something that would release my foot in case of a fall,) but I’m having trouble finding something that fits the bill.

Does anyone have any recommendations for safety stirrups with wide footbeds and offset eyes?

I think Freejump makes one, but they are out of my price range and I haven’t tried them.

If the S stirrups are the ones I am thinking of, they were actually more dangerous. If you turn your foot sideways the whole foot goes through the stirrup and does not come back out.

We now ride in the stirrup cages. They fit into normal stirrups and have their own tread. You cannot put a foot through them.

They may fit into the stirrups you love

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$400 :scream: :scream: :scream:

@SuzieQNutter, yes, you’re thinking of a different stirrup than the OP’s MDCs, though I know which ones you mean.

@HereComesZach, I just took several pairs of MDC S-Flex stirrups to the consignment tack shop, and it killed me to do it. I loved those things! But after breaking my ankle in them, I had to give them up. I’ve tried a ton of stirrups and ride in the Samshields for jumping now. The offset isn’t nearly as large as the S-Flexes, but at the moment they’re the next-best thing for me, plus the added benefit of freedom in a fall. I won’t go back.

That said, you might like one of the growing number of alternatives. Check out our very long but thorough thread on safety stirrups here: [Safety stirrups thread] Stirrup breakaway safety: Alternatives to Barnes Buckles or Swiss Clips? Good luck!

I didn’t read the whole thread @CanteringOn posted, but I was reminded of the Slim Stirrup leathers from Total Saddle Fit. They show how you can attach them to “create” an offset eye in normal stirrups. So if you find a pair of irons that meet all your requirements with the exception of the eye offset, then that’s also an option.

I imagine this feature is not exclusive to these leathers specifically, but any “webbers” should also be able to do it.

I bought safe-on stirrups last year and they are amazing. They are only slightly offset, so may not work for you, but the shock absorption is good without losing stability. My knees no longer hurt while doing conditioning!

And I I intentionally tested the safety feature too…. It works!

Thank you! Yes, I could not use any of the flex stirrups, too unstable for me and caused me a lot of strain. I have the regular ‘S’ stirrups (no flex.)

Thanks for the thread suggestion, I’ll check it out!

I like the SafeStyle stirrups. I find them comfortable, unobtrusive and the don’t break the bank.