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That wasn’t very nice Connor Swail…

Watching the Las Vegas double or nothing speed class on the Fei YouTube channel and if you thought Karl Cook was rough at the Pan Am’s go to 1hr 22mins in and feast your eyes on that display of horsemanship from Connor Swail after the refusal. Yikes


Do you have a link ? Could not find.

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Thank you. What a cat like spry horse. Sad things went awry for them. The end was very heavy handed.

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Gross. There’s no excuse for that. It seemed to me like he was pretty heavy on the horse’s mouth from the beginning and then just immediately punished the horse the same way.


Tasteless reaction. I wonder if the horse was spooking at the jump crew picking up the rail at the oxer. I’m sure see sawing his face is the solution.


It was the spurring and tight circles at the end jerking on his face. :woman_facepalming:t2:


When does his round happen in the video?

1 hour 22



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any chance of a yellow card?

Looks like a disappointed and frustrated rider, losing his temper. Also looks like the rider cut the corner too much and didn’t set up the horse well. Horse was jumping so well until that moment.

The commentator mentioned that his earlier ride had too many time faults to be competitive. That the owner & rider were counting on this particular round. It was do good or go home, as it were. So, guessing pressure from outside of the arena were in the rider’s head.

Before the stop it was evident that the rider was already dismayed at a dropped rail. Rider was pushing on a good handy jumper but pushed to hard. Rode to what he needed for overall scoring of the event, rather than riding the horse he had at the moment. That’s what it looked like to me.


I always feel that if this is how people behave when they know people are watching, think about what they do when no one is.


Very, very true. There are behind-the-barn training sessions that can be truly disturbing.

The horse is a lovely, willing, fluid jumper. Hopefully he is well-treated in rides at home and that accounts for his nice forward attitude.


Come on judges.

Yellow card. So much for sportsmanship and integrity.


The horse seemed like a very good egg indeed, that needed like any horse does, a supportive rider.
I think we’ve all seen worse, but that (unfortunate fact) doesn’t make this any less ugly.


Bad day at the office? Thats an understatement. Wow, tear its face off and kick the crap out of it. Based on the horses reaction, it seemed to expect to get into trouble. So sad.
What a gross representative for Equiline, hope they’re proud.


“A bad day” for that good horse, for sure.


There were a couple other places on course before the refusal where the horse seemed to not sight in on the jump/ hesitate at take off. I wonder if the horse is a bit “known” for that kind of duck out. In which case, CS should have been extra straight on that confusing turn back, and less surprised when it happened.

I’m guessing if they’re fine with his rap sheet (abuse against actual humans) they don’t mind a bit of abuse towards horses.