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That wasn’t very nice Connor Swail…

Please do tell

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I don’t have any insider information, if you just google it he has been arrested mutliple times for DA

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Jesus that’s eye opening! :scream: I assume it happened in America because the article says the DA victim called 911.
He is very lucky that the situation did not go way worse for him when he decided to attack responding officers. That could have ended very differently.


I’m pretty addicted to watching the big jumping classes and I thought that was an unusual display from Conor Swail, who seems like a more sympathetic rider. I hope I’m not wrong. From my own Googling, it looks like the DA arrest was in 2017. Is it a pattern of behavior?

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It seems like a pretty big journalism fail to omit any mention at all of the location.

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Right? I re-read the article a few times to make sure I didn’t miss it. :woman_shrugging:t3:

A quick search for “Connor Swail mugshot” turns up a pretty scary picture with a date in March 2017 in Wellington.

I don’t know if it was a separate incident, or if it was the same incident and that news report linked above just came out several months later.

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Is it only that arrest? What was the disposition of it? Possible there hasn’t been a conviction or acquittal yet

Oh I don’t know. I am certainly no expert on any of this.

I wish just curious. Although I agree, he’s a douchebag

Horse has had a spotty record this year. He was stopping in Calgary (IIRC it was at walls both times) but doesn’t seem to have gone around in Dublin either. I didn’t see those rounds so not sure what happened there though, just saw the ones at Spruce. Not an excuse for poor horsemanship but just sharing his record here since it was brought up:


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Where do you see that? I see only the one in 2017.

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Very random, but he has his phone in his back pocket it looks like? Isn’t that against the rules? I’ve seen people get excused from classes for having a phone on them


The USEF jumper rule says “may” be eliminated, not must be or will be eliminated. So it is at the judge’s discretion.

I don’t know if the class in question was run under USEF or FEI Rules.


Thank you! I could’ve gone and looked, but was feeling lazy. Figured someone else knew :grinning:

I’m not a fan of Robert Blanchette’s ride on Chardonay, either. He smacks the poor girl around the whole course. Another Irish rider but I won’t get started on those guys.


Oh I would love you to get started. I’m an American living in Ireland for the last five years :grimacing:


I thought the beginning of that round looked pretty darn good. Very catty, clever horse.

For me the tell was how the horse reacted AFTER the run out. The horse was clearly expecting a beat down that didn’t come because of the venue and the audience. Horses don’t react to a refusal or run out that way unless they’re anticipating punishment. I can excuse some of the riding after that as riding defensively to prevent another run out, but what happened after they crossed the timers?