That's a twist

Sweet Grass Farm is suing Barisone, Kanarek and Goodwin.

Docket Number: MRSLT002530-19 [HR][/HR]
Case Caption: Sweet Grass Farm Llc Vs Michael Barisone Dre Ssage [TABLE=“border: 0”]
[TD]Court: Special Civil Part[/TD]
[TD]Venue: Morris[/TD]
[TD]Case Initiation Date: 12/06/2019[/TD]
[TD]Age: 00 YR 00 MO[/TD]
[TD]Case Type:[/TD]
[TD]Case Status: Active[/TD]
[TD]Demand Amount: $0.00[/TD]
[TD] [/TD]
[TD]Case Track:[/TD]
[TD]Jury Demand: None[/TD]
[TD]Disposition Date:[/TD]
[TD]Case Disposition: Open[/TD]
[TD] Statewide Lien: [/TD]
[TD] [/TD]
[TD] [/TD]

[h=3]Kanarek Lauren[/h] [h=3]Michael Barisone Dressage Stab AKA[/h] [h=3]Robert Goodwin[/h] Case Actions [TABLE] [TR] Filed Date Filings Docket Text Transaction ID Entry Date [/TR] [TR] [TD]12/7/2019[/TD] [TD][IMG2=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","height":"24","width":"12","src":"https:\/\/\/webe1\/CIVILCaseJacketWeb\/resources\/images\/icons\/paperclip_v8.png"}[/IMG2][IMG2=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","height":"15","width":"20","src":"https:\/\/\/webe1\/CIVILCaseJacketWeb\/resources\/images\/icons\/email.gif"}[/IMG2][/TD] [TD]Sum Srvd Trial Sch Notice submitted by Case Management[/TD] [TD]SCP20192853846[/TD] [TD]12/7/2019Swe[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]

Very interesting. Do we know what the grounds are? I suppose this is a good way to get ahead of the mess and not be sued by LK’s pappy.

Btw I got a pm on here a few days ago of random ribbons apparently on a golfing FB page link, purportedly from Lalala, with a message saying see here are championship ribbons nyah nyah basically.

Maybe she spammed everyone on COTH with this. Anyhow did not engage, I really don’t engage with craycray on PM.


Not a clue. I checked out the board, saw Lauren had been here and I thought I’d see if anything had changed.

That’s pretty weird.

Wait, so the LLC/the owners of the property in NJ, are suing LK (and others). Are these the same property owners that welcomed LK back to the property? That were fond of her/pleased to have her back there?

”‹”‹”‹”‹”‹”‹I thought that LK was also suing someone or something involving the NJ property, but I cannot remember. It had potential to essentially delay the sale of the property or whatever.

I mean this whole thing is going to be a tangled web of law suits and BS to some extent, and will likely be that way for a few years I imagine.

So how long before this thread gets closed? :lol:


MB going to become very familiar with the NJ court process isnt he.


It’s pretty bizarre and no doubt will take time to sort it out. Polite little games of fiction/protocol is what it appears to be to have SGF sue MBD.

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The same owners that couldn’t wait for LK to come back so she could stay there until she left for Florida since the rent was already paid for are now suing her, MB, and the boyfriend??

Forget the TV movie, this is gonna need a whole Netflix series.


Isn’t Lauren the one who hides from process servers, won’t answer the door, etc.?


I received the same PM. Yawn.

There are days, like today, I’m super happy to NOT be one of the cool kids, lol.

Seriously though… This whole thing is just nuts.


Yeah, as it turns out this can be a consequence when you shoot someone. Who would’ve guessed?!


I wasn’t special enough to receive a PM either :lol:


Hi Lauren: Did you first hear about the lawsuit here?


So the case is against michael barisone dressage, LK and RG. But not actually MB?


Whatever happened to LK trying to sue MB personally? Did it even reach this stage of filed documents or was it just hot air? Remind me.


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I tried to keep everyone on the other one from getting it close darn it it did not work!!!

I’m guessing not long after LK and/or house guests show up to spew “the truth” that none of us can keep straight as it changes constantly.


And perhaps threatens to sue COTH.


I hope so! It’s not like she will get served by a process server.

So the case is against michael barisone dressage, LK and RG. But not actually MB?

It looks that way but I don’t know exactly what that means, legally.

At any rate, maybe Lauren will finally face legal consequences. I hope so anyway.



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Saw this, went to check the docket on LK’s suit - only movement is proof of service to MB. Her case is civil part, but this case is special civil part - looks like they may be trying to recoup funds, damages to property, loss of use, etc.