The Daily Dumb

I board at a place with some… interesting people. Currently we have Little Mister Trainer who can’t ride his way out of a wet paper bag, but has a gaggle of middle aged women followers.

Heard last night: “A well bred thoroughbred will look exactly like a quarter horse.”

I couldn’t hold it in, I audibly laughed.

What’s something dumb that you’ve heard at the barn lately?


It does make me wonder which breed he has all wrong in his head.

As I tried to come up with something worthy of posting I was laughing way too hard - my horses live at home and it is only me in the barn.


:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

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Um…so…has he not seen a racing bred quarter horse?

I have heard a lot of people say "Oh your horse looks like when looking at a TB. I don’t think people realize how much TB’s are used to influence other breeds.


I wanted to flip that stupid statement back around on him and say that a well bred QH will look just like a TB…

What a dumb thing to say. It’s like saying a well bred reiner will look like a dressage horse. No. Just no. They are purpose bred for entirely different things. Ugh.


:laughing:Guilty as charged!
I’m sure I’ve said something Stoopid, but since only the horses heard me… :roll_eyes:


And a good trainer will look exactly like Robert Redford.


Idly, I picked up a horse Passport that was sitting on the office desk and read the pedigree of one of the competition livery horses. “Your horse is beautifully bred for eventing” I said cheerfully to its owner when she came in and she replied, proudly, “Yes, he’s full TB”. Foolishly, I said “Really?” and reached again for the document that clearly showed non-TB bloodlines. She grabbed the Passport and said shortly “Almost” before turning on her heel and stomping out. It was 2 years before she spoke to me again.


My farrier once thought my Polish-bred, curved-eared, dished-face, 14-hand Arabian mare was a Quarter Horse. He didn’t believe me until I bought out her papers. Alex, too - Alex is 15.2 hands of Native Dancer-bred Thoroughbred, but nope, the farrier insisted he was a Quarter Horse.

Now, Bodie, my down-hill built, super duper long, short-legged registered Quarter Horse? Nope. Not a Quarter Horse.

At least he was a decent farrier.


How about something stupid you saw? I was watching a lesson with an obvious beginner type rider and beginner type instructor. The horse would not go near a particular corner of the arena and would dive towards the center or stop and not approach that end. Instead of turning and going back and forth until the horse realized the corner wasn’t going to bite him, the instructor had her go all the way around and the horse did the same thing every time. The instructor had to eventually lead the horse through the corner but then released and let them continue all the way around again with the same result.

That reminds me of an older teenager who was riding her Tb in the same ring as I was.

She was trying to canter her mare over a small vertical. Her mare kept running out to the left. And every time, the rider allowed the horse to keep going at canter on a circle left, and came right back…to another run-out to the left.

She must have done that 6 times before she finally managed to jump the 2’3 fence. All the while, I was biting my tongue. I was not her trainer, and I knew my advice would not have been welcomed / heeded.


My horses are at home, so I plead the 5th!


Another trainer doozie:

Middle age fan girl riding her now owned former lesson horse. This horse is smart and has her number. She needs to be assertive, quit calling him punkin, and learn to ride. Hes refusing to stop in a timely manner. Trainer: now when you whoa, hold the reins tight for 5 seconds after he stops so he really gets it. And like the good student she is, there she goes counting 1-2-3-4-5 with a chokehold on the reins. Ugh.

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Maybe so after all? :stuck_out_tongue:



Overheard from two young women that claimed to be Trainers talking about taking a lesson with a local BNT: “Oh no, I don’t need to learn how to ride. I just want to know how he gets them to do all those things.”

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Same young women that took a horse and had the poor thing tacked up in a German martingale, a standing martingale, draw reins, side reins and some wierd bit they had found - ALL AT ONCE. And riding with one stirrup not even pulled down from position use to store saddle and the other stirrup so long she could barely touch it with her toe. Why I called them the Idiot Trainerettes.


“I’m lucky, my saddle fits perfectly on every horse!” from the trainer at the barn I was taking lesson at. I did change barn/trainer since, as it was not their only nonsense…


I asked my vet if she knew the breeding of her nice young horse.

She had bred her nice young horse out of her own mare, whose lineage she knew well, having had said mare for a good long time. So yes. She knew the breeding of her nice young horse.

I meant to ask how he was registered, but those were not the words I found that day.


My idiot, not at all horsey but have horses neighbors, once informed me that they only fed sweet feed when it was particularly cold outside, so it would warm up their horses.

Took me few days to figure out that they’d mistaken what “sweet feed will make your horse hot” really means!


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Oh that’s a classic! :joy: