The old man’s collar

When I brought Badgers empty collar home from the vet, I just laid it on the shelf “meantime” and then avoided going close.

Yesterday I really had to tidy up a bit. And when I picked the collar up, Chewie heard the tags jingling and came running over. She sniffed and sniffed the collar, and then was looking around as if searching. :cry: I took her with me to his appointment to avoid her looking for him, seems she still might miss him a bit.

I sat for a long time holding that collar last night, I miss my boy, but I was also hoping it might tell me what I should do with it. I want to use it some way, but nothing up is coming to mind. Has anyone incorporated a collar into a memorial?


It took a while, but the best thing I did with the old dog’s collar was put it on a new dog :heart:


Make a memory garden in a small flower pot, then wrap his collar around the pot.


I gave someone a memorial gift that was a shadow box that included a photo of the dog and a place for the collar. I’ll see if I can find it for you, I really liked how it turned out.


Neither of these are the one I ordered, but they’re close. I bet if you look on Etsy for “dog collar memorial” you’ll find some cool stuff.

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Not opposed to another dog, later. His collar will be retired though. We usually have a collection of grown out of collars around that new comers can use. Once a collar becomes “yours” then it usually goes with them. This one though, need to keep


I like the idea of the shadowbox and a great photo of Badger. You can take the items to a frame shop (Michael’s, or even Hobby Lobby, though I loathe them*), and have them do it for you.

    • much as I loathe HL’s owners, I can’t deny that every time I’ve taken something there to be professionally matted and framed, they’ve done a really excellent job.
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Shadow Box - a wonderful tribute !

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We have a place to hang leashes. There are extra hooks and our old dog’s collar is hanging there. It’s a quiet sort of remembrance. I have a few old halters hanging in the barn to remember special horses.


I was also going to suggest this. But make sure you use long living plants that are difficult to kill. I know I’d be pretty down on myself if I head a dead plant in my old dogs memory garden.

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It wasn’t really a memorial but I put my guys collar and leash in a memory box
That box holds stuff from other lost pets, cards from people, a note from someone I lost and more
It was too painful for me to see it all the time so I preferred it be in a box that if I want to I can see it (might be an idea if it’s painful for you to see it)
Ended up framing a picture of him and put it on my shelf with a poem as a memorial

That’s so sad about your other dog looking around :cry:
I know that feeling soon after my guy passed I said “Panda” near our other dog and he got excited :pleading_face:


A friend used succulents - they are still going strong two years later.

“Just a butterfly, with golden wings
A little piece of a hollow log
Two shiny stones from a riverbank
And the worn out strap of his faithful dog”

From the old song, The Littlest Angel.


I love the idea of a memory box (we did that with a pony we lost. Put his shoes, his stall plate, a picture of him and a nice big ribbon he won and its hanging in our barn) or the collar around a planter.

I was always told it was bad luck to put a deceased collar on another dog (sort of like wearing a dead persons shoes). But that’s just me!

Hugs to you. Its never easy. I still have my dogs ashes on my table. We put him down in Feb 2022 and I have wanted to spread his ashes under his favorite apple tree, but I haven’t been able to do it yet. Maybe one day…

I really like this idea, I have paw print and a nose print the surgery did for me, I think they, and maybe a photo can go in a shadow box with his collar.


Post a photo when you have it put together, I would love to see it.


I’ve put a bunch of my old departed dogs rabies and name tags on the bottom of a wind chime. When I hear them tinkling in the wind I feel like I’m hearing their voices again.


Also I have 2 dog tags that I attached to my key ring for my truck. One of my little Pom who died 14 years ago and another for an old brindle Cur dog. Funny story. About 6 years ago I was at a horse show and somehow my key ring fell out of my breeches. I got a call on my cell phone. The person who found it read my Pom’s tag and called. Thank you :pray: sweet sweet Hootie. Lol. Your tag saved my bacon that day.


Ooh, I like that idea…what’s one more thing on my key ring!

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I keep old dog tags in my wallet.