The Pentosan price thread: what are you currently paying?

Huh, interesting. Though he hasn’t ever had a reaction to Adequan, I try to give it before I ride. I think working the muscle helps disperse the medication and mitigates soreness. The pentosan didn’t cause an immediate reaction, just hair loss and balding over time. I always use 1 1/2 inch needles and scrub the area several times with alcohol to get it really clean, and then let it dry before injecting. I do this for any sort of IM injection.

I get a 50ml bottle from my vet at $180 or Horseprerace/ Racehorsemeds at $160 shipped. Never a problem with either, I only give regular Pentosan because people seem to have issues with the platinum and gold more often.

I just got a 50 ml bottle from Wedgewood for $110.00. My previous vet wanted me to buy only from her and refused to write a script to Wedgewood. She wanted $225.00 for the same size bottle.

Also recently paid $110 through Wedgewood. Definitely reasonable.

Yes, I did try Adequan and did not see any difference. So because I’ve had success with Pentosan in the past I went back to that. I do notice that when it’s time for the next dose my horse is beginning to show stiffness again.