The whole site is slow

Hard to even look at topics , not to mention trying to respond or edit or look at notifications.

Are they looking into it?

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Yes, it’s been reported – the developers are generally on an opposite time schedule, so they’ll likely be checking it out tonight.

Thank you!


It is slow and keeps giving me a “505 error”.
Trying again helps.

Page looks like this, hope this helps:

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Thanks for trying to keep us up and running!

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I’m having the same problem Bluey reported.

I’m also getting a lot of the same error that Bluey reported. Generally, after getting that error the page will load after hitting refresh but oddly it will direct me to the first post even in threads that I’ve already read most of.

I am also getting the same response as Bluey.

Now I’m getting this message:


I also had that one earlier, the other one later.

Bet someone is going nuts trying to find the errant programming snip. :upside_down_face:

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I was going to come on here again and say it seemed to be better, but when I just tried I got the same message as @Bluey above ! :grin:

It does seem a “little” better than yesterday.



while trying to load

Something went wrong.

Go Back Try Again

Been getting this one today trying to open a forum.

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Im not getting any error messages yet, but the entire site is SUPER SUPER slow.
Often getting the spinning wheel of death, that just keeps spinning without the site loading.
iPhone & on safari.


After perking up this morning, the site is now back to being very slow, and I am also getting the error messages again.

Must be the time of day! It is awful at the moment :roll_eyes:

It’s been reported to the developers again today, so hopefully, they’ll get things working more smoothly soon. We’ve been experiencing more traffic recently, which may be affecting performance.


Will y’all please send me a notification when the site is up and running again – properly?
It is the ONLY site I visit that has this problem. Really needs to get with the 21st Century.

I’m blaming it on the Fly Predators ad at the top of the page. Every time those darn flies show up everything slows down :grinning:.


You must not visit many social media sites then.
FB has been wonky on & off for a couple weeks now.
A few other major sites have also been slower than normal over the last 7-10 days.


I haven’t had any such problems with FB recently. I never do.
Or other forums.
Which is why I find COTH very frustrating recently.
If the whole web was this slow I wouldn’t notice COTH being slow.