Thin tall socks with good stretch for wide calves

Hi all. I finally got a pair of custom boots. Parlantis. For my size I could not find anything off the rack. I have a short lower leg with a wider calf (but not WIDE like for actual wide width boots), my muscle starts getting big pretty far down and I’m a 7.5. I spent a year trying everything. No dice. No fun.

So I love my new boots! It took one adjustment requiring them going going back to Italy. Post-adjustment they are awesome, particularly after never having tall boots before.

However, I’m still in break-in mode and there’s no room for both me and socks with any bulk. For now I’m wearing thin socks which barely cover the bottom of my breeches. I can zip up my boots but the socks sometimes they work their way into uncomfortable positions.


Soccer socks. They stretch amazingly far and snug back down without dying. Made to go over thick knee pads, stay up, hold pads in place despite person running hard while wearing the socks. They are tall though, might be a bit too tall at times. We buy several pair all in one color. Then if one sock dies, gets a hole, you can still match the mate to others for use. Come in all sizes, should easily find some that fit well.


Noble Outfitters Peddies You can find them almost everywhere, and some websites will have older patterns on their sale/clearance pages. The foot is reinforced without being thick, but the part covering your leg is thin and works for a wide calf.


Sock It To Me makes extra stretchy tall socks that work for wide calves. They aren’t super thin but they aren’t thick either. Maybe once your boots stretch a bit more these would be perfect. Such cute designs, too!

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I love these:

They’re super-stretchy in the calves, really thin, and the fabric on the calf doesn’t bind against the inside of my boots at all. (The footbed is different and more padded; they are designed with a lot of care and have good utility.) Also of note is that they come in sizes; I bought L and they’re more than plenty big for my 19" calves. The three-pack I bought is holding up well, but I’ll likely buy more.


These are the ones I bought which are too thick, which is a shame because they are crazy comfy!

And thanks everyone. Others out there?

I just go to Walmart and buy what I think are called pant socks. Basically knee high nylons but hold up better.
The Peddies are amazing. Too bad they don’t work.

Have you checked Smartpak? I’ve bought several pair of what they used to call Dressage socks- knee high, very thin
and stretchy. Love them. They were black w/ white on toes and heels.

Also some called (I think) Standing Ovation. Very thin and they fit over my wide ankles and calves.

I never wore knee high socks or nylons with my tall boots. I did masking tape crew or ankle socks to my breeches, which worked 90% of the time. Socks would fall down if the tape broke; I think I went around 2 -3 times, but not too tightly, just enough to keep the socks in place. And I had to have professional boot maker stretch out my boots at first because they were just too uncomfortable (also have kind of wide calves) – pre-zipper boots, not sure if they can be stretched with a zipper?

I just ordered a pair. I’m hopeful! Thanks!

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I believe these are the ones I purchased that are a wee too thick. But I don’t think the “Perfect Fit” ones are the compression ones. ?

Just fyi the Noble Outfitters peddies recommended above are not the same as the perfect fit ones. They have several varieties of socks, I’ve bought them all to sample, and the peddies are very thin up top. It’s more like a regular sock foot, then more like nylons around the calf. Very comfy. :slight_smile:

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I’ve never had any trouble wearing crew socks with breeches and boots. Usually under the breeches as that minimizes the amount of wrinkling that might happen. If the socks are in good shape they stay up fine. After my boots stretched a bit I started wearing McGregor weekend crew socks, thicker cotton knit. I didn’t want anything up over my calf increasing diameter and making it harder to zip up boots or half chaps.

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Just to clarify–the Perfect Fits are too thick, not the Pedis? If so, then try the Pedis. The top is like a nylon and super thin. I love mine and my calf is much wider than yours!

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Another vote for the Noble Outfitters Peddies–they’re my favorite boot sock! They’re super comfy, fit under any boot (and super-snug half chaps too), and come in fun colors. I have at least half a dozen pairs.

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Definitely are compression socks. In fact, they are now my only choice for wearing any boots. Boots that I could not wear before due to pain now can be worn all day. They do something to my feet. It sounds crazy, I am sure. I guess they are a tad thick compared to some of those silky socks…


Thanks! I have a small gift card balance at a local tack store. This will be a good use of the credit!

I often ride in crew-height socks. No problem . Cooler, too.
ANd those Peddies everyone is ga-ga about? Too thick for my FEET.

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I just checked the SP site and the ones I have are called "Ariat Tall Boot Socks- $10.95

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