Thoughts on these OTTBs?

I’m casually in the market for a new event horse, although I’ve had some rough luck vetting OTTBs. However, the budget shopper and lover of fairy tale endings in me can’t help but browse…

What do you think?

~Acceptable Henna~ VIDEO

~Flashy Player~ VIDEO

~Sun Ghost~

~Unbridled Reed~

I’m looking for a low-level event prospect. Something sound with decent conformation and a good brain would be great. Live in SoCal, but willing to ship, especially if a fellow COTHer could go see if for me :wink: Thanks!

I like the first mare and the last (chestnut) gelding. That is just overall gestalt plus a brief look at pedigree. The two in the middle do nothing for me

The chestnut gelding.
I like what they say about his temperament, especially about how he is just fine out in turnout. And it looks like he LIKES ‘his’ person, and the feeling is mutual. I like this one. Sounds like he does have the ‘good brain’, and his conformation is just fine. Lovely horse, lovely temperament…nice prospect.

The gray has REALLY straight rear legs/pasterns. I might get past this, but his description basically says he’s a handful… ‘will need an intermediate to experienced rider’ and ‘a great deal for someone who can utilize his talent’. That means, to me, he’s a LOTTA horse, he’s cheap in part because not just anyone will be able to ‘remake’ him into an athletic and happy jumper/eventer/whatever.

The bay gelding ‘Flashy Player’ is adorable, and looks really nicely behaved. He’s also one to look into, but the 15.2…really hard to sell even a nice horse that’s 15.2. If you had your circumstances change, and had to find him a new home, it would be harder to find him a new home. Now, an athletic 15.2 horse shouldn’t have any trouble going Training Level. And if you get him there, and show him, and get some nice ribbons at Training, and he’s got a great mind, he’d be salable. But sadly, those 2 inches will put off a BUNCH of prospective buyers.
So…if your plan doesn’t involve resale, maybe.

The mare is nice, too. Gorgeous, and looks like she’d have no trouble with the athletic demands of lower level eventing…more like maybe she should be a mid to upper level (Training/Prelim/maybe Int+/long format) prospect. She strikes me as also a better match for the more assertive rider personality, since she is described as having some ‘tough mare’ attitude. If you like 'em tough and sassy…great! If you like them sweet and biddable…maybe not so much. But worth meeting…although you would have to go through an adoption agency’s hoops.

Unbridled Reed gets my vote. To me he looks like he is built to last, has decent hooves and they say he has a nice disposition.

Acceptable Henna is my vote based on pedigree and type :slight_smile:
Unbridled Reed also looks interesting
Happy horse hunting to you.

I think that the mare is lovely. I also liked the last chestnut, but he is more of an unknown. I would wonder why he has done nothing for 7 years.

Acceptable Henna got my eye right away - seems like a nice mare. Looks like she is still racing (entered on Friday for a race). Might be interesting to watch her in the post parade, etc. I also agree that the chestnut looks very interesting!

These two are local…

~Kid Atlantic~

His contact describes him as very laid back and also solidly built (which I like in an event horse). 12 starts.

~Bernsie’s Baby~

His contact says he like to go and is more horse than Kid Atlantic. She says several people have come to see him and have loved him but are turned off by his size (not an issue for me, as I prefer a horse in the 15 hands range) and/or his age (7). 27 starts.

Don’t know anything about OTTB pedigrees, so would love any input. I really like Bernsie’s look, but wonder why he’s so cheap ($650!!!). Hard to tell about Kid Atlantic’s conformation from the pics. Thanks all.

The gray has REALLY straight rear legs/pasterns.[/QUOTE]

Good catch. I didn’t even notice in my quick browse over his ad. Definitely a turn off for me, as they usually don’t have dressage type movement with that particular conformation. Thanks!

I like the first mare and the last (chestnut) gelding. That is just overall gestalt plus a brief look at pedigree. The two in the middle do nothing for me[/QUOTE]

Me too! Esp number 1!

Sent an email inquiry about Acceptable Henna (she’s the less expensive of the two favorites). Flashy Player is sold and Sun Ghost is out due to conformation.

I think the cutie with four white socks looks balanced and athletic, I bet he would be fun to ride.

I think the cutie with four white socks looks balanced and athletic, I bet he would be fun to ride.[/QUOTE]

I called on him today and he’s already sold.

When I saw the photos of Acceptable Henna, I immediately thought Capote in her pedigree. He was a damned good-looking horse who stamped his get with a look of class and athleticism. I like everything except her hind end, which looks a bit straight to me. She’s still my choice from your listings.

Flashy Player- no. Sun Ghost- REALLY straight in the hind end.

Unbridled Reed- strikes me as maybe being body sore. If so, that can take a long time to resolve.

Kid Atlantic- I need better photos. Either he’s sore or he’s lost interest in racing, from his charts.

Bernsie’s Baby- I really dislike the breeder, who turns out a ton of fairly cheap horses and some of them go to the killers. This guy stumbled in his only start this year and didn’t run well, and I suspect he may be sore or injured. This poor guy’s been kicking around in low-level claimers for the past couple years, and it would be a miracle if he were sound.

Have you contacted Joe at TB Friends?

Good luck to you!

I’ll second contacting Joe. He has tons of contacts.

We were told Sun Ghost is playful and has some tricks up his sleeve–trainer mentioned that he’ll drop a shoulder and spin if he’s whipped. I would not recommend him for someone who’s looking for a confidence builder. That said, he’s very nice, has a great big walk and totally the barn clown, and will make a great mount for someone who likes a smart, slightly quirky horse.

Unbridled Reed and Jose’s mare Shesadenouncer are QUITE lovely, and the mare is HUGE (if you’re looking for size.) I am not kidding with 16.2+. They’re both “well, let me go get my trailer right now…” nice. I am not allowed to bring home another horse.

If you send me what you’re looking for, I’ll send you a list of horses that could be a good fit.

I like the first mare. However, the pedigree site says something about her being pulled up and vanned off in a race in January of this year. That isn’t necessarily and deal killer, but it does mean you need to check into it from a more reliable resource and ask questions about it and it adds to the importance of a PPE.

I like the first mare. The video was great, jogging out next to a highway and being dive bombed by birds says alot about her temperment to me.

The mare…and most of us remember your earlier frustrations in buying…hope you can get one done for sure this time around… Best of luck

I really like the 1st mare as well. She is really nicely put together.

Also, re. Kid Atlantic, I have an awesome event horse by Stormy Atlantic, and temperament is worth something.