Thread for overweight riders

Do we have a thread for overweight riders here? If so could someone share the link because I couldn’t find one. If not, would anyone else be interested in having one? I’m thinking of a general, shame-free place for advice, conversation, questions, support…whatever anyone wants to ask or share.

With some caveats / stipulations in place in advance to prevent any rabbit holes from opening up:

  • We stipulate that we are aware being overweight increases certain health risks. Please don’t post here just to suggest that any of us should “just lose weight.” If people ask for weight loss advice or suggestions, then suggest away.
  • We stipulate that everyone should be riding horses that are appropriate for their size and skill level, and working them in an appropriate way. If you believe that “nobody over 200lbs has any business on any horse,” or that “fat people should just stay home until they lose weight” (both things that have been said to me on COTH) please refrain from sharing those beliefs here. Please. It’s hard enough to get through the day without hearing that kind of stuff in what is supposed to be a supportive group of like-minded horse lovers.

My #1 question right now is who else besides Smartpak makes a variety of cute and stylish breeches in plus sizes? The Buckwild patterns are a bit bold for my taste, although I appreciate their inclusive sizing. I LOVE so many of the Horze brand styles and colours, especially the high waisted models, but they don’t seem to have anything bigger than a 32, and only a 28 in some styles?

Kerrits are always my go-to because they fit and are affordable, but they definitely rank low in the cute
department. Pipers win there but have such an odd fit, even the higher rise ones, and it’s a bit demoralizing to have to size up 2 or even 3 sizes :frowning:


I LOVE Buckwild, the quality and feel is so nice, and now they do boot cut denims for us western ladies. I have bought from Stickyseat, but they don’t impress me like the Buckwilds.

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Do you find the Buckwilds fit true to size?

Yup, apart from the new Leopard print bootcut denim, they run a little small.

Tropical Rider XL fits me and I wear a 2X in street clothes. They have good sales so I never pay full price. I also just got some breeches from Fuller Fillies in the UK, shipping was not that bad and I love the way they fit. The rise is perfect for me and they also have some good sales. I can’t wear Pipers, even the modified rise didn’t work. Irideon has plus size breeches that go up to 3X, I got the full seat ribbed in 2X and they are currently too tight for me. So I think they run small. Love the quality and can’t wait until I to lose weight to wear them.

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My favorite are the Dublin shapely breeches. They fit in the hips/thighs and don’t gap 3 or more inches at the waist.

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Not sure what size they go up to but my favorite breeches are the Ovation Slim Secrets.

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I like the Irideon Cadence Full Seats. They aren’t thick, but the ribbing makes them more flattering, and they go up to 3x.

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I found a company on FaceBook…Equigems I think. They may have some stuff. I don’t like to buy without trying on an this place might be in England.

I love my Equissentials deerskin seat riding pants. Unfortunately, they suddenly went out of business.

I loved the Boink tights, but they went out of business. I still have a bunch of pairs in 3x-4x, knee patch and full seat, but they are too big now.

Saddle Bums tights are about the closest I have found to the old Boinks.

I find the Buckwilds are a little too wild,and they do run small, even though they have a chart of sizes equivalent to other brands. Size up from what the chart says. (I ordered the equivalent to my favorite Kerrits that fit well, and could barely get them on.)


Such a shame Boinks went out of business, I still have a pair of those that are years old, and still going strong.

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Subscribing because I need to bite the bullet and buy some new breeches (sigh) and I am certainly a plus sized rider.

I have seen a bunch of people wearing the Smartpak tights lately. Has anyone who is larger (say size 16 or 18) tried those yet?

There is a FB group called the English Plus Sized rider that is specifically for giving recommendations on clothing and boots.


Buckwild’s are fantastic, fit and feel great, and really nice people run the company. They have solid black sometimes for people who don’t want the wilder patterns. And they have show breeches, white with black seat.


I got a full seat pair when I had a discount code, I love the stick when riding my spooky young horse and I’m ok with the fact that I get stuck in my car lol. I did size up because I read in a few places that they could be kinda see through I have not had that problem and I now have one pair in my size and one sized up pair.

Super comfortable, I like how they look, a good big pocket and inexpensive the only way they could improve them is adding a second pocket

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For any Canadian plus sized riders- I have had tremendous luck with the elation breeches. I have a pair of the regular cotton fullseats that I’ve beaten up for going on 3 years of weekly (ok…a couple times a week…) wear riding multiple horses, and they’re in great shape. Honestly my go to breeches are all from elation, I have another pair of the cotton full seats and a pair of their nicer knee patch breeches and those are my 3 go to pairs.


While not currently riding; the Tropical Rider XL fit me comfortably at a women’s size 20.

I noticed on FB they have a line of winter full seat breeches in plain solid colours with a tan silicone seat, maybe better for those of us who found the patterns a bit too wild.

I used to love Greenhawk for making Elations in large sizes but recently they seem to have stopped. In fullseats at least, only the cheapest cotton model (red label I think?)goes above a 36, and even then only in 2 colours I think. I’m not a fan of those ones…they don’t hold their shape well, the seat isn’t frilly and in black at least the colour fades. They have introduced lots of really cute styles over the past few years and very few of them go past 34 or 36. :frowning:

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