Tiny saddles, like 13", where the HECK are they?

I have searched high and low for a tiny close contact saddle. I know these are rare gems but there has to be a place where people buy/sell them!! Please refer me to your fave saddle consignment websites (or people) that would see these tiny tot saddles occasionally.


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Try Ebay if you are looking for new and used. Many reputable businesses have a store on there too.

I looked and saw a bunch of english, treeless and others in the size you are looking for but as always you have to know the manufacturer to know the quality. Worth a look.

Hi CandyAppy, I have scoured ebay as well. I am looking for a nicer, show quality type saddle. Like Beval, Ian Miller, Collegiates, Most of them are older bc they aren’t made anymore. sad! I’ll continue to keep an eye there and maybe I will get lucky :slight_smile:

The smallest Pessoa Pony saddles are 14” seats. The flaps can vary in length from about 11”. The newer versions have the changeable gullet systems. Nice little lead line and children’s saddle.

Good luck with your tiny tot saddle search.

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tiny one at Rick’s https://saddlesource.com/kids-devoucoux.html it says 15 but looks itty bitty.

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Looks like Dover Saddlery has a Pessoa Pony saddle type ‘knock off’. It doesn’t have the changeable gullet but it’s a good price at just under $700. Maybe something to look into?

Here’s a 13" Beval at Middleburg Tack Exchange: https://www.middleburgtack.com/specialty/beval-ltd-cc . There are a couple of other children’s saddles listed, too.

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Are you sure you need a 13? I have a 15 inch and it fits 4 year olds.

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@Paisley_Pony - This is a great one, thank you thank you!

@StormyDay - Yes, 13" for now, my girls are 2.5 yrs old :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! :grinning:

14" is as small as you’re likely to find, and I can say that I never wanted anything smaller than that for my own daughter. They can’t use their bodies terribly intentionally prior to the point that they start fitting into a saddle that size, so if you really feel like you need a smaller seat then maybe a leadline saddle would be a better bet. My kid preferred bareback pads to everything else until she was 4ish.

But on the “finding one” note, I have found and sold all of my small saddles on the “Just Ponies - Kids and Pony Equipment and Clothes” FB page. And I’ve seen a few 14" ones pop up there lately.

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@PNWjumper Thank you for your response and insight. My girls are 2.5 years old and small but with great balance. I have a leadline saddle for them but its the synthetic type and not grippy like leather. A boarder of ours has a 14" saddle that I sat them in and its just too large for their tiny behinds. So while they are not quite ready to step up to the little leather saddle, I have been keeping my eyes peeled for any that might hit the market so I am ready when they are - and they are true unicorns saddles and so hard to find. Luckily and thankfully since posting this I have been pointed in the direction of two nice 13" saddles that may work for us. :slight_smile:

Just in case anyone is worried about my little’s not being balanced or coordinated enough (yes, I have had unsolicited comments from people in person), here is one of my girls are 15 months old.


Oh my word! Just too cute!

She’s absolutely darling!

My best friend is an ICU/ER nurse and the parent of a pony kid. Something she’s mentioned before is the lack of neck strength of toddlers/preschoolers. We both cringe watching videos of leadline hunting, jumping, etc
from the UK on Shite Eventers.
Even when the child doesn’t get bounced out of the tack, you often see their heads bobbing around uncontrollably & their little necks snapping back with whiplash force above a walk.

Just something else to keep an eye out for.

My friend has a tiny (13" or 14") flat Jimmy’s 21st Century with little saddle pad. If you’re still in the market message me and I’ll put you in touch with her

Tack Shack of Ocala has several little kid saddles in their clearance room. The one that caught my eye is a 13.5" that’s beautiful soft grippy leather and flaps short enough to actually fit a small child and not have their whole leg on the flap. By Smith Worthington if my memory is correct, was around $650. I’m sure they could send you pics and ship it to you.