Toenail fungus

Oh yuck. The toenail on my big toe gradually has become thick and yellow. It’s only that one toe but its ever so gross looking. Would like to hear if anyone has had to deal with this and if so what if anything cleared it up. Apparently the oral medications can be a bit risky. Any topical treatments that have helped?

Also my fingernails have become wonky and ridgey though not discolored. Not sure if there is any relation. But just throwing that out there.

I got a complimentary fungus along with a pedicure :angry:
Same as you, just the one big toe.
What finally cleared it up was tea tree oil, applied twice a day.

I have also developed the ridgy nails, but attribute that to age.
If you are not an {ahem} elder, check for vitamin deficiency.

I have that in one toe. Nail was forcibly removed by a naughty pony in one massive stomp and turn. Never had it looked at. Nail bed is totally damaged now. I tried the oral meds, I had an allergic reaction to them so now I live with it. I may end up having the nail totally removed which is going to look totally gross but it can’t be worse than the nail I guess. I completely bums me out…

I’m missing both big toenails permanently… one due to the exact same cause. In both cases I had them removed temporarily first, but they didn’t grow back any better so I just got rid of them. The one removed by a horse happened when I was a college student. I did have some oral and topical medications first but none of them really made a difference. The other nail was removed when I was in my early 30s. Yeah it looks weird, but I’m not into sandals or pedicures or any of that, so I don’t really care. I do a lot of sports where my feet get beat up, dirty, wet, etc. so my remaining toenails aren’t exactly pretty either (and I’m often missing a few of them as well).

I have the ridges on my fingernails - as long as they are up and down the length of the nail, that’s a thing that happens with age. If you have ridges from side to side that can be a sign of other issues.

Thanks for this. I actually had it removed once and it grew back just as bad so I may end up being done with it. I’m struggling with the concept but it may just have to be done…

I’m going to try the tea tree oil and also make doc appt. Not sure if I should see dermatologist or podiatrist. I was thinking maybe they (or I) could just file down the thick yucky part and that way a topical could work better. I heard they have some new meds out for fungus which I suppose I could consider. The skin around this toe is also super dry and thick. I’ve been trying to file it down. I can see getting finger nail ridges with age but I’m not all that old (I think) 57. Also my fingernails rather quickly got ridgey and there seem to be some “dents” in the nails. Skin on my hands has been super dry to the point of cracking. It all kind of sucks though I realize these are pretty minor health issues compared to what many others face.

I’ve been fighting a small spot on my big toe for years and years. It gets better with daily tea tree drops and making sure the nail doesn’t get long. For a while it was gone but apparently gotta keep up the oil…so it’s back again. I’d go the tea tree route personally. Healthy, no side effects no heavy drugs.

I got a prescription for an oral treatment from my dermatologist. But I decided to try harder to get rid of it myself first. I soaked a couple of times a day with vinegar and mouthwash. In between I used an anti-fungal cream. And I kept cutting and filing my nail as much as possible. It was slow going, but I got rid of it and (knock wood) it hasn’t come back!

I had this years ago. I got a topical from the drug store. I cut my big toenail short and basically jammed the topical up under the nail into the gap caused by the fungus. It worked, knocked it out. But also the problem had developed over the winter. I had a summer week on a beach where I made sure to get lots of salt water on it and wear open toed shoes. I think I ended up putting nail polish on my toenails which seems all wrong but it let me go around with open toed shoes and everything air out.

I was also “gifted” some fungus with a pedicure. I tried every over the counter treatment. Tea tree oil did nothing.
Two weeks ago I saw my Podiatrist and she had my liver tested before she prescribed Lamisil. At the end of the month I will have my liver tested again to be sure the Lamisil isn’t being damaged.
I could have tried the prescription topical, but my podiatrist said it was maybe 30% effective, the oral med (pill) is 80% effective, so I went for the pill.

She also said it takes about a year to see new healthy nails.

You might consider a keto diet. There a lots of anecdotal stories in the keto community about how cutting out the sugar helps battle persistent fungal and yeast issues. The anti-immflammatory affects might be helpful as well.