Trainers for paras, disabled & special needs equestrians

Well, I have been thinking and this is an extremely dangerous thing :wink: I thought it would be great if we could have a thread which lists trainers who work well with and are willing to work with NQR riders.

Here are my thoughts:
-Put the state in the heading, as this will be much easier for those who are looking for their state or a nearby state.
-In the body of the message, put the trainer’s name, whether or not the trainer offers school horses and/or schoolmasters, as well as the trainers contact info. If a website is available, please include that, too.
-If the trainer has a specialty such as lunge lessons or working with certain disabilities, add that as well.

I think this could be really helpful. If you have a great trainer, please share! It is very hard to call a trainer and say,“Hi, my name is Beth and I’m disabled. Will you give me lessons?” I think knowing your disability will be accepted by the trainer makes a lot of the nervousness and pressure dissapate when you make the scary phone call.

I think this would be a wonderful idea! You might try cross posting to the off course forum first?

This is a great idea.

Also There seems to be a misconception by both coaches/trainers and riders that if you are a disabled rider that you can only ride at a theraputic riding facuility.

I guess I’ll be the first one to step up to the plate. Not only am I Para Dressage rider, but I will teach/train disabled riders. I do lessons and clinics throughout North America.
Equine Canada Level 1 Coach
American Riding Instructors Association Level 3 Dressage Coach
C Level Pony Club Tester

Well I am recovering (doing great right now!) from neurological problems and have delt with physical problems due to that and many surgeries.

I am located in WI. Have a horse that is great for lunge lessons, and another that is as very sweet for w/t ( I only say w/t as he does not have a right lead canter yet still reschooling from the track, though I use him for any level of rider w/t) but am willing to work with anyone within a certain distance from where I live on their own horses, and they can also haul in. Willing to travel further for multiple students. I have trained horses to PSG for Dressage, ridden lower level GP jumpers, done upper level Eventing, and trained under trainers both short and long listed for the US and Canada Olympic Teams.

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Make it a sticky thread, Please, Mods!

Invite, DressageGeek and I started the original trainers thread, but it is now hard to organize. I hope the new forums will make it easier to edit the title and update. As we get more information, we are going to need sub headings to make it easier to find the info.

Piaffing started an info thread and it disappeared. We need some serious stickies!!!

Invite, you are feeling better!

Invite is thinking again! Heaven help us all when that brain comes up to speed!

Ellie and I visited Invite on our way back from the Paulien Alberts clinic. She was doing well enough to go out and play and shop at smart pak. She can walk around the barn and hold a serving bowl at dinner. She is recovering fast!

I’m in!

Lauren Sprieser, Marshall VA
I do not have lesson horses, but I love lunge lessons.
I have an indoor arena, a sound system (for those with hearing difficulties), and a very tall mounting block.


Whicker, this brain is flooded with ideas. The board had best watch out!!!

For ease of use, could posters please put the state of the trainer in the title line. It will save folks from having to wade through every post to find a trainer in their area. Obviously, they will have to go post by post, but they will be able to cruise through at a faster speed if they see a state near them in bold letters at the top of the post.



I’m in. North-Central/Downeast ME.

I do have a 2nd/3rd level schoolhorse who is eminently kind, but only medium sized. (working on getting a bigger schoolie) I also have project horses available for long term lease/use for the right rider.

I generally travel to students and teach them on their horses.

I work with students from first-time-on through 2nd-ish (though I have one I coached through her Bronze) and then send them along to my teacher.

Dressage is my passion, but I also teach western equitation and working western, (reining, cutting, sorting/penning) and hunters & jumping. Will be doing some working equitation (Portuguese) in the future.

Contact is pintopiaffe at aol dot com

California driving

I do lessons, and clinics (anywhere). Disabled and able’d… I have a horse or use your own. Clinics for disabled I’ll do for expenses…

Diane Kastama

Washington DC

Rock Creek Park Horse Center. They have a TR program as well as a regular program that takes all types of riders. Schoolies galore, tall mounting block w/ ramp, etc.


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San Antonio, TX

Happy to get involved ! I am still in the building process but happy to come and train on your own horse or you can haul in to the Fort Sam Houston Stables.

Fort Sam Houston also has training staff there able to school people and is also involved with the Wounded Warriors Program but you must be affiliated with the military get help there.

Feel free to contact me anytime. I am also interested in getting a San Antonio Para team going.

Dianne Fadok


Great idea, Invite.

I wanted to give a shout out to a great place in Yamhill Oregon. B.E.A.T Riding Center. I’ve taken some students to their lovely little dressage shows, and have gotten to see in action what they do with their program. They have wonderful program horses, great volunteers and staff, and have a super fun upbeat attitude.

One of the shows I attended had some wonderful Musical Kur classes for the B.E.A.T. riders. The riders and horses were wearing wonderful costumes and riding to super fun music, and it just warmed my heart to see everyone enjoying a fabulous time.

I’m also a fan of Forward Stride in Beaverton Oregon, formerly known as Agape. I used to board and work out of the farm they are now located at, and can tell you it’s a wonderful place, and they have made so many improvements to the facility since taking it over.

You may want to try Lynn Doki Miovech-she is located in Aberdeen, NC-no lesson horses but offers trailer in lessons, boarding and has a covered arena. She will come to you for lessons.

Great trainer-great sense of humor and very patient with out handholding!

well I offer lessons and do have some good schoolies (I only keep three good schoolies since most of my students have horses). I myself ride with a spinal fusion, not exacting a disability, but it does have some implications on my riding and I can relate to people with disabilities. I am happy to work with people that have issues riding, many of my students have confidence issues as they are later in life riders or re-riders and that can be a limiting “disability” as well as physcal. Also many do have some physical limitations. I enjoy the challenge of finding what “works” for each rider. I teach dressage, hunter/jumper and eventing riders, as well as some of my students show in “breed” shows. I have students that range from the age of five to the late 40’s (myself being in my 50’s now!). Only do private lessons as I feel that way I can truly learn the students limitations and devote my time to each students

Saratoga Springs & Chestertown, NY

Most of my clients do h/j stuff, but I also teach dressage and event riders, as well a little western and saddle seat. I have schoolies at both barns, and do travel to clients facilities as well. Email is

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I figured this thread was worthy of another bump! Some of us, especially me, need all the help we can get :wink: Maybe with more people visiting this forum, we will have a larger number of trainers to list.

Jackson, Mississippi

Good morning! I have a small facility in near Jackson, Mississippi, teaching basic horsemastership, flatwork through second level dressage, jumping, trail riding and basic driving. I also train a few horses, with their owners, each year. I am fortunate to have among my clients people with varying levels of challenge – physical, emotional and/or cognitive. Please feel free to contact me privately.

RTP and surrounding areas North Carolina - Dressage

Never done it before but I would love the opportunity - my focus is on the biomechanics of riding correctly.

No school horses, I would have to come to you.

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