Curious if anyone has any experience with a horse coming off of (or tapering) Trazodone during stall rest. (5months so far) Will be talking with vet about this when horse is cleared but am interested in any first hand info -ie: any behavioral changes.

I had my mare on Trazodone for 2 months during stall rest and return to turnout. The tapering process was easy and painless. I don’t remember noticing any behavioural issues.

Didnt have issues getting him off trazadone. Did have the issue of having to up the dosage to get the same effect while he was on it. He also developed noisy breathing while on it (which led to stopping it!) Vet found his lungs normal and rebreathing okay. The noise went away shortly after stopping.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

I got confused because I take Trazadone for my insomnia :laughing:
Didn’t even know horses could take it!

Probably not helpful, but its used as a sleep aid in humans as it is non-addictive and you can stop taking it whenever without issues.


Yes, trazodone is used for people and for horses (in much larger doses)

And dogs! I take it myself for hot flashes/sleep, a small dose – and I have a prescription for my older dog (was badly attacked a few years ago) for when she is in anxiety triggering situations; it takes the edge off a bit but is not sedating.

Some of my dog students have told me that their vets recommend it for situational anxiety: it’s well tolerated, not addictive, very few side effects, etc. For horses, it seems like a better “go to“ than Reserpine, and has become more popular lately! I have no idea what the dosage would be for a horse, though – clearly that is something to discuss with your vet.

My horse was on 2500 mgs of trazodone daily for 4.5 months. He was weaned off it but since being completely off of the medication he is acting very different. He is anxious , kicking stall boards out, rearing , spinning and spooking at everything, spewing staring in the barn aisle. Has anyone experienced behavioral issue like these after weaning off of the drug?

I don’t have any experience with a horse on trazodone but my dog takes it. We originally started her on it for anxiety and it was amazing for her. We tried tapering off and the process was fine but the behavior came back. We tried other meds like Prozac etc but nothing worked as well as trazodone so she’s back on it for life. That might be what’s happening with your horse the stress/anxiety behaviors are back now that he’s not getting the med.

My dog never had bad negative behaviors but as she aged her anxiety increased, Covid and the household anxiety of the humans put her over the edge. She’s not destructive but gets very very clingy and just not a happy dog. When she’s on it the only way to describe it is she’s just SO happy. She sleeps well, plays and loves life.

My gelding is on 900 mg. He’s about 1200 pounds. He has been on it since Jan, and I’d say it helps deaden the voices in his head a bit.

There is a lot of data on withdrawel from trazadone. I have heard horror stories in people that took them a year of tapering to get off it.

Trazodone Withdrawal: Symptoms, Timeline, & Treatment | Banyan Chicago (

Mine have gone cold Turkey off trazadone. Am I a monster?

I also had a horse on Trazadone and the vets just had me stop. Horse was fine, definitely more alert off of it but no issues! I should probably mention that we needed the Trazadone for a shorter time period than some of the other responses that I saw above so maybe that is a factor?