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TRIM weight management


Weight Management Supplement for Overweight or Good-Doer Horses
Hello, has anyone tried this product? If so thoughts?


Where’s the ingredient list? The GA?

How much of what form of chromium?

“TRIM supplies trace-minerals and vitamins often lacking in rations fed to overweight horses, including magnesium, vitamin C, chromium and choline.”

Mg is rarely lacking, though some horses benefit from more. Vit C isn’t an essential nutrient for horses.

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Thanks for your reply!

Most feed companies make some sort of Equalizer. With it, you can use much less regular grain. In fact it can be fed alone (with adequate hay of course). Basicly a low calorie high nutrient feed. My chunky guy just had his ration cut to just the equalizer and supplements…… (I use KER All-Phase).

The difference here is that the supplement appears to claim it will cause/support weight loss . Without a GA I have no idea. There’s validity behind chromium propionate supports lowering glucose and insulin levels which can then support weight loss. But you need a good 4mg to do that, and of that form

Yes, fatties need a ration balancer at best, some need to come off soy which may mean a soy-free balancer, or moving to a forage balancer, to also support weight loss, or at least not weight gain

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Do you by chance have a suggestion for an economical source of this as a single ingredient? I’ve used Quissience previously, but to get 4 grams of the chromium propionate one is giving quite a lot of extra magnesium.

I have an anhidrosis horse that’s an easy keeper. While he’s in good condition, responds normally to dietary changes and previous testing was within normal limits on the simple ACTH test (not the STIM test), we consider him at risk to develop more metabolic disorders. I want to give him the chromium p. as support but when I recently put him back on Quissience he went from sweating normally to dry as a bone within a couple days. I’m inclined to think it was coincidental as our heat has been oppressive for some time now, but perhaps the extra mag through his elyte balance off. Hence my desire to find the Chromium P as a single ingredient. I’m going to the (human) health food store today to see what I can find lol

You can get it in a pellet from Ultra Cruz.

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I’m familiar with their chromium yeast supplements. AFAIK that’s not the same form as the chromium propionate. I’d love to find out I am wrong about that :slight_smile:

Platinum Performance offers one:

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Thank you! They aren’t the most economical supplier of supplements but that’s exactly the ingredient I want.

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Yeah, the SC product is chromium yeast, and I’ve never gone digging to see if research actually supports its use for this

You may find it as a bulk human supplement but I’ve never looked

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I ordered the PP product. It was under $60 including shipping for 216 servings. Pretty inexpensive as far as horse supplements go

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I thought the price was pretty reasonable, too, esp for Platinum Performance! Does get pretty pricey if you’re looking to hit a 4g serving, though :frowning:

the studied effective, and approved, dose is 4mg, rather than 4gm. So just 2 scoops of the PP product

I was responding this this.

Typo on my part!

Then the price is definitely good! :grin:

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that wasn’t clear at all, especially since Quiessence isn’t a PP product

Regardless, for clarification - the dose of chromium proprionate is 4mg. And yes, to get even 4mg from Quiessence you need 6 ounces. Not sure why that .65mg of cp is there anyway, that’s pretty useless.

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Another option to get enough chromium is Metaboleeze, which has 5mg of yeast based chromium per serving. I’ve recently switched my IR mare to this from Quiessence at the recommendation of her vet. This vet is not big on supplements, but said that her clients have had good results with it.

So far… I’m seeing good results. So is the vet, who hadn’t seen my mare in a couple of months and saw her Monday for something else - and commented how great she looked and was very pleased with her weight loss.

I’ve also had good results from chromium yeast but NOT from Metaboleeze lol. Which is an interesting supplement to me. It’s just a bunch of vitamins/minerals and then the chromium yeast.