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Trousers for barn chores

Jeans are too heavy in this heat
I need pants because of prickly hay

I guess I’m looking for a loose fit, but jogger ankle (hay), lightweight, light colored,… Hiking pant?

What do you wear to do all day chores around the farm?

In Florida here. The heat is insane. People think you should just wear shorts but no. Skin cancer sweat everything sticking to your legs? Gross. Tried jeans. Yuck! Honestly so just wear my breeches. It’s like my uniform. Breeches with a long 1/4 zip sun shirt. I’m following to see if there’s a better option.


I don’t ride and none of my breeches fit.
I’m looking on Amazon prime deals… Hiking joggers have piqued my interest. Maybe?
Did I mention I have commitment issues? :joy:


I wear Duluth Firehose pants. The relaxed fit ones with cargo pockets.



Okay. Ordered a pair and got $20 off. Yay. I sized up to a 4 because I hate buying things that won’t fit my bubble butt.

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What are hiking joggers? Are they like yoga pants or loose? I’m intrigued!

Some look more chino trouser ish, others parachute pant loose.
Wicking, jogger (fit/elastic/drawstring) ankle, some are cargos.
They’re definitely marketed for Yoga, hiking or Golf.

I ordered a super cheap pair to try… Will know Friday how they work.
I was actually considering (cargo style?) scrubs too… So light and easily washed. :thinking:

Dickies, EDS signature midrise- scrubs
I’m figuring if they suck, they’re pajamas.

Please let me know if you like them ! Can you post a link ?


I ordered these

Onbay Women Casual Pants Moisture-Wicking Outdoor Lightweight Joggers’ Pants Waterproof and High-Stretchy Hiking Pants https://a.co/d/4XZUi1L

I am concerned about bubble butt too… So…these were cheap enough I was willing to hate them.

Apparently hiking pants come fleece lined too, which makes me wonder if they’d be great for winter, cause it can’t stay this hot forever, can it?

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I wear these and love them https://www.rei.com/product/110013/kuhl-klash-pants-womens

I’m a Proud Cheapskate & shop Goodwill for barn clothes.
Why pay good money for something that’s going to get covered in manure stains, hay, horse slobber, etc?

My finds:
*Lightweight capri (but below the knee) loose fit, mostly-cotton knit, pull-ons
*Nylon - what was called Parachute cloth, Way Back When - capris w/pockets.
Paid under $10 for each, both several years old, machine washable & uber-comfy in the humid 90s.

I’m intrigued by those Onbay, mostly for the price.

Cooler weather is sweatpants for me.
When it’s really cold, layered over thermal underwear.


Hope you like them! I live in them. There’s a lined version for winter, too.

If you don’t like them, easy returns to your local Duluth store! (Or send em back via the mail.)

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I live in Duluth Dry on the Fly pants. Cargo, good pockets and lots of them, LIGHTWEIGHT, easy to actually spray water on you to cool off a bit and then not walk around with icky heavy water-soaked pants. Boot cut to go over shoes.

I’ve had one pair for, I think this is the 4th Summer. I got a 2nd pair 2 Summers ago. They get dirty and sweaty and slobbered on and lately have had medications smeared in, and they wash up as good as new.

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I am in MO. I wear shorts/ tank tops as soon as I can and as long as I can. I feed lots of hay daily, cleaning pens and stalls etc and never have a problem but then again I don’t normally sweat on my legs( ??) doing normal farm chores which take us about 2 hours morning, 45 mins mid day and an hour in the evening.

When we put up square bales in the loft I do get a million little pokes and scratches but if I wore long pants I would die of heat stroke.

My biggest issue is hay particles getting down in my shoes. Drives me nuts…


the DotF pants really are cool!

I have fleece lined hiking pants and they are wonderful! Hay doesn’t stick to them, plenty of pockets, and super warm. They dry much faster than lined jeans. I have two pair, wore them all winter, every day, and they look almost new.

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I second the Duluth pants. Amazingly durable, light, breathable and they actually look good if you have to run out to the store.

Our vet in SoCal swears by stretchy trail cargo pants like these: https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/prana-womens-halle-straight-pants-ii-21prawwhllstrghtpapb/21prawwhllstrghtpapb?color=Charcoal%20Camo

My BFF swears by these:

I had a bunch of 5.11 Tactical pants when I worked 9-1-1. They hold up. I think they were the EMS pants, not sure but tons of pocket room and very comfy moving around.

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I usually wear running tights at the barn. Last week I did shorts, however, trainer usually get pictures of me driving, and my white legs are not attractive!

I found some boot leg tights/ yoga pants a few weeks ago at BJ’s (mid-Atlantic Sam’s Club variation), that were cheap & fairly cool. I picked them up because I’ve got to do ship work for the next couple weeks and need something that doesn’t look stupid with steel toes and is also expendable. These will pass as KY jods.