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UnBeetable Feeds Sourcing Good News

I reached out to UnBeetable Feeds to see if there was another way to get their feed besides TSC, and this is their reply:

Hopefully they can push the Chewy connection through quickly!


I was thinking of trying this feed but kind of put off of TSC so this would be awesome! The last time I was in the local TSC there were bugs crawling all over the bags of feed.

This is great news!!

Oh, that IS good news! Thanks for sharing!

I would absolutely try it if I could get it through Chewy. The only options within an hour from me are all TSC.

I also sent an email inquiring today about chewy availability and my displeasure about TSC. Looks like possibly the end of July!!


I hope my UPS man is ready for the workout.

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Thanks! Bet they are getting overwhelmed with requests!

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I had to go to the store which shall not be named because I thought I remembered them having One AC and my gelding has started up with his anhidrosis (I was hoping against hopes that he was over it for some reason and didn’t start him on One AC this year…oh well.) Anyway, I wanted a container NOW so I could start him immediately and then I planned to order the rest. But…they didn’t have it. I was almost glad. It felt good walking back out without giving them any of my money.

I did notice 3 bags of UnBeetable Forage Only on the shelf. Hmph. I’ll wait for Chewy TYVM.

Total tangent, but I also had to go to the store which shall not be named because Ms. Picky Mare only does well on a cheap, garbage feed product that I can only buy there. And I haven’t procured another source (I have been trying to get away from them for the better part of a year, well before this, because I hate dealing with all the bugs and grain mites).

The store, which is usually very busy, was a ghost town and their shelves were overflowing with product. More well stocked than I’ve ever seen the place, which makes me think they aren’t moving a lot of inventory in the past couple of weeks.


I am tempted to stop in at my store and see what is going on. Do need pelleted sawdust - I usually get it there because it’s so close (5 miles, sigh).

I think the new manager is gay - so am curious what is going on there.