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Unexpected return of Horse

Hey, So my horse went out on a lease/ possible sale about 6 months ago and before he left I had told the people all about his feet and the care that they needed ( previously had quarter cracks so avoid mud turnout and keep to a certain shoe, and keep on a hoof supplement) and they agreed and all is good, we got updates here and there and it was fine. This week the leasers called me to tell me I should come get him basically because they cant keep him sound, the mud is sucking off the shoes ,hes had 3 abscesses in 3 feet lately and they don’t have another pasture to keep him in, but the girl loves the horse and is super sad to give him up, I went out to see him initially when they called and he was sore and blowing abscesses, but got the update that they have since ruptured and he seems better, but then i found out they discontinued using a hoof supplement and were trying different shoes with their farrier.

so i guess my question is … do i give them another chance with said horse and try some ways to keep the shoes on like shoesavers… or should i just bring him home and find someone else to lease him onsite so i can better monitor ? I want to be nice and give them a chance but I just don’t know.

This is your horse.

If you don’t mind it being sore and experimented on, your choice.

I wouldn’t.

iMMHO, they are not respecting your contract because they either are ignorants or careless.
It’s obviously not their horse, so when it will break, where do you think it will land? With you…

I hope you have a solid contract and insurances.


If they took him off hoof supplement, and changed shoes, i would not send him back to them.


Why would you? If they couldn’t keep the horse sound for 6 months, what is likely to change?

Are they keeping this horse at home or at a boarding barn? If a boarding barn - do you know the trainer/barn owner? That would make a difference to me, although not a very big one at this point. I probably wouldn’t have let my horse go out on a lease without knowing either about the care they would provide, or the barn/trainer.

FYI, mud doesn’t “suck off” shoes. It’s possible that a horse can interfere and step on their own shoes because of mud, but if the mud will suck them off there is no way a horse could gallop on them. But obviously if a horse is standing in mud up to its knees all day that would be a contributing factor.

Have you seen where the horse is being kept?


Bring him home yesterday. These people failed to follow your specific, and IMO, basic instructions on care for the horse.


No freaking way. They breached the agreement already. They’ve shown their true colors. Don’t risk something worse happening.


Not to mention fairly simple and inexpensive…

Happened with my horse and a care lease. I brought him home, and I still have guilt over allowing him to be at risk for even the short time they had him.

When someone shows you who they are, believe them.


They should go buy their own horse if they want to make these types of decisions. Bring him home.


and then continue to charge the lease payment until sound as it was a sound horse when it left. It was their failure to follow through that has caused this issue


I would be super pissed about them taking him off the hoof supplement and trying different shoes without talking to you first. I don’t think I would risk leaving him with them at this point. There is a good chance that if you let him stay with them, they will keep changing things and he will come back with you needing to throw more money in to fix everything.

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Bring your horse home. People really let you down sometimes.


I would bring him home. They don’t listen and they only have muddy turn out for him.

Everything all the previous posters said.

I wouldn’t even be asking the question. I would have had the trailer hooked, been heading out the driveway, then posted later, about why I brought the horse home.

I grounded DH off my horses years ago because he only thinks he can handle a horse — there’s no way this side if H and back I would leave a horse in the environment you describe——

Do you trust these people and the professionals they surround themselves with? He’s living somewhere different, so it’s not crazy to try different things (shoeing, turnout, etc). Some people swear by supplements and others think they are bunk. I would go with your gut. If these people have your horse’s best interests at heart, I may give them another chance but maybe keep closer tabs. Be part of the conversation with their vet/farrier/BO.

If you don’t fully trust them, pick him up!

This is a business transaction, first and foremost. Would bet they are trying to cut back on expenses and the farrier ‘experimenting’ is a glossing over not being able to afford your required standard of care. BTDT and heard that excuse a bunch for skimping on things like hoof supplements and farrier work…and who on here has ever had their farrier tell them to discontinue a hoof supplement on a horse that is not holding shoes and blowing abscesses? Anybody? Worst I’ve ever been told is might help, can’t hurt.

Dont let them wave the “but the little girl loves the horse sooooo much” flag to divert your attention and guilt you into letting the situation continue and your horse continue to deteriorate. That’s sad but is not helping your horses feet and who knows what else they can’t afford to continue.

Welfare of your horse is solely in your hands, he’s depending on you and all the carrots and kisses in the world won’t help his feet. Dam abscesses hurt…poor guy.

They can’t afford it. Act accordingly.


Why on earth would you give anyone who completely disregarded your care instructions and now your horse is standing there on one good leg saying somebody please put humpty dumpty together again a second chance?

Explain this to me like I am a two year old.


I don’t understand why you are considering allowing your horse to continue suffering. Abscesses hurt like hell. Bring him home.

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Yeah, if its standing in mud all day, the feet will get soft, and the mud can actual suck the shoe off. We have super sticky mud where I live, and I’ve had it suck shoes off horses and people alike.

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Do they love him enough to buy him? 6 months is plenty of time to decide if he’s a good fit for the kid. No way I’d entertain another lease.

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  • [B]They failed your horse [/B]
  • [B]The lease is over [/B]
[B]Bring him home Ӣ put him back together then decide if a different lease is possible * NOT TO THESE PEOPLE