Unique names for a chestnut mare

Jessica Rabbit
Joan Holloway
Arrest Me Red
Kir Royale

I’m going full nerd here, but there is a character in Game of Thrones named Ygritte. She’s a feisty redhead, and they believe that redheads are lucky and kissed by fire. Pronounced “ee-grit”.

Chataigne. It’s French for “chestnut” (the nut, not the color).

I have a red dobe who’s come to me somewhat late in life. I call her “Annie”, because she had a hard-knock life before she came to me. I also think of Harry Chapin’s song “Mail Order Annie” when I see her. (“I know you’re not as pretty as I dreamed you’d be, but then, I’m no handsome Fancy Dan. And out here looks aren’t really so important. It’s what’s inside a woman when she’s up against the land”)


As the proud owner of 5 chestnut mares and 1 chestnut gelding who thinks he is a mare I have had to come up with lots of names!
I have
I love the red ones!!

Titian - After the painter famous for painting women with red hair!

Crimson or Cinnamon

Simone- for Nina Simone

You could use her song or album names for a show name:
Silk & Soul (my favorite)
Feelin Good

I’ve always loved the name Gidget for a chestnut mare. And then of course Ginger, after the mare in Black Beauty.

My TB mare’s dam’s JC name is “Frankly My Scarlett”. She’s almost black though. Wasn’t Scarlett O’Hara raven haired in the book? :wink:

My other plan is “Ticket Me Red”, barn name Jody.

Yes, I may have named my hypothetical future horse after my car. The car is named after redheaded vampire Jody Stroud, of Christopher Moore’s novel Bloodsucking Fiends.

I am buying a chestnut mare tonight so this is perfect timing. Her name is Kahlua, yeah, I hate that! Love some of the suggestions on here.
So far I am thinking:
Ygritte (love GOT!!)
Mona or Ramona

I know this is a little late…

I know this is a little late, but I have always wanted a chestnut mare named Cheyenne :smiley:
Here are some others:
Hope I helped anyone looking :smiley:


[QUOTE=CustomDesign;8107792]I just got a chestnut mare last month :slight_smile:
I ended up naming her Ember, which I think suits her perfectly.
My runner-up name was Merida, which is the name of the main character from the Disney movie Brave. In the movie she had bright red hair and was a feisty, strong little girl.
Some other names I considered were Ariel, Reba, and Ella.[/QUOTE]

Merida was my first choice for my mare, but somehow caved to barn pressure and kept the name she came with Fergie.

I did rebel and refuse to go with Duchess for a show name, instead chose The Valkyrie, a good red headed Viking, well not a name but a connection!

Erica-the-Red :D. Sorry…long day!

Well, not “unique” because it has been used before, but I really like “Terlingua” for a “hot” chestnut mare (since they are assumed to be hot). (Based on the chili cooking contest in Terlingua, Texas. There was a champion Secretariat daughter of that name.)

Black Beauty
Hey, you wanted unique! :slight_smile:

I have one of the ubiquitous Scarletts. I have a red pinto named Ginny after Ginny Weasley. Her full name is Potter’s Girl (her sire’s name was, I’m sorry to admit, Hairy Potter). I also have a Filbert, because he is small brown and round.

If I ever end up w/ a redheaded mare, I would call her Elizabeth, as in Queen Elizabeth I of England.

Show names can be different Elizabeth references:

Tudor Rose
Virgo (since she was the “virgin queen”)

Or go the sarcastic route and name her “Blackie” or “Brownie” :wink: