Unique names for a chestnut mare

That’s what I went with for my chestnut mare :slight_smile: mainly bc shes a looker, and has a nice way to lure you in to her, but she’ll also jump on you so she can be a real biotch at times. I find it a very fitting name :slight_smile:

When a chestnut filly needed a name, we re-appropriate Rockin’ Ruby from a bucking mare in a midnight RFD sale.

Since the filly never got registered, when a chestnut colt came along needing a name a couple years later, he was christened Rockin’ Reuben. His is official. :slight_smile:

Go to a paint store and look at reddish colored paint names.


Peggy Bundy.

Opps- Zombie thread. If the mare is still being called ‘Jill’ a year later, the name is there to stay.

I had a chestnut Saddlebred mare named “Copper Belle”

I named mine Zinfandel. I thought that was pretty clever :). But I’m slightly biased because I love wine.

We have a Fiona at my barn – it suits her. Our redheaded pony mare is Ruby Slippers

For the poster who suggested Titian - while I think this is a classy choice, consider how announcers could mispronounce it.
“Titty-Ann” comes to mind… :rolleyes:

Junior I showed with named her horse Sophocles.
Very nice, very educated, but I heard them announced as “Sop Hockles” more than once.

I love “Ruby Slippers.” That is adorable!


I used to ride a chestnut mare named Goose, no idea why but it fit her and everyone loved the name.



No Regrets (Regret, the first filly to win the Kentucky Derby, was a chestnut)

Red Headed Stepchild

[QUOTE=cowboymom;8106881]I knew one named Sopa after the Mexican soup.

I had a filly named Flair/Flare, also.[/QUOTE]

I have a chestnut filly named Solar Flair.