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Update pg 100-Erin sends the thread over the Rainbow Bridge. It had a good life...

I am WritINg This undeR an AlTeR So This isN’t ReallY Me.

I am HaViNg ProBleMs WitH My 3 Yr Old AnD NeeD HeLP. I Bought HIm From a BiG NAme TrainEr For Only 35000.00. My TraiNer Is So Nice thAt He Let Me MakE thE ChecK Out To Him So I wOUldn’t be BoTherED By The SellER. He Is AN 18 HanD Sabino GypSy VannER ColT. I wNt To Keep HIm A Colt So I Can Breed HIm, Becuz, He IS SABINO, After all.

He Is A LittlE thin, But my Friend MJ says That He doesn’t need MUch to Eat, Because ThAT woulD mAke Him HOt.

I Took HIm To A ShoW anD When SchooLing Over JumPS He WOUld GEt So Fast My BasebAll Cap Would Fly Off MY HEAD. The TraNqs We Gave HIM dIDN’t sEEm To DO AnyThing, and I kNow I had The twistEd Wire Snaffle anD draw reins AdjustEd cOrrEctly. I wOrked On RiDinG Him Deep To Get HiS AtteNtioN. TheN hE would Run OUT When my TrainEr Was PolinG him. In The CLAss, I DiDN’T eVEN plAce, EveN thouGH MY BNT Was rIght AT the GAte IN Plane view Of The JUdge That I slepT with THe Day BEFOre. He cOuLdN’T HaVe BeeN MAd BeCauSe I Made thEm Hold thE GatE opEn FoR One HouR WhIlE I WaItEd For My TrAInEr To FiNiSh ScHollIng OnE Of The HoRseS FoR AnOthEr AMmIe BefOre Her ClAss, CoulD He?

My FriEnD tHat Is a lAwYer AnD LiVes on a LeAKy HouSeBoAt IN FLa, SaYs thAt BecAusE My 2nD Toe IS BiGgEr ThAn My BiG Toe,I ShoUlD HavE ReCeIved SpEcIal TreAtmENt AccOrdIng to The ADA, And BeeN AllOwed to Try thE cOurSE AgaIN. I ThInk I DiDn’T PlAce becaUse The NerVe BloCk On My HoRses tAil Was WeaRinG oFf And He SwiSHed IT ONce. I EveN Was aBlE To Get 4 StriDes IN A 6 Stride LIne, But My Horse WAs BAlAnCed WheN hE dId IT. My TraInEr SaYs I DiDn’T PlaCe BecAuSe It WAS an EQ ClAss And I ForGot To Purge The Day BEfOre tO KeeP My WeighT Down. Being HEaVy SHoulDn’T hAve MadE My Horse looK lAMe, ESpEcIallY AftEr GiviNg Him 5 GramS Of BUTE, So I DoN’T ThiNk That Is It.

Can AnYonE HelP? But Don"t Tell Me WhaT tO Do BecAuse yOu DoN’t KNoW My HorsE, AnD I DO.

PS- I ThiNk I NeeD A NeW HoRse So If AnYonE Has a fRee 6 Yr Old WB THaT JumPs 3’6" ThaT MovEs A 10, AnD iS SounD and boMBpRoof, PleaSe Let me knOw. I AlSo Need New TS BreeChes Size 28, AnD A Blue GraNd PriX JacKet Size 12. If Anyone coulD send Me sOme MonEy To Buy Hay For The 250 Horses I RESCued, That Would BE GReAT TOo! Thanks!

PPS- EriN iS MeaN AnD pIckS On Me BecaUSe I Am From TexAS.

PPPS- I am thinkIng Of MovIng To ATlAnta, So If AnyonE cAn GivE me A list Of TrainErs WitHin a 300 Mile Radius, And their Names, Social Security Numbers, Birthdates, riding ResUmes, Turnout Schedules, directioNs to their barns, and Cost OF boarding It Would Be Appreciated.

DeLapp, hand me that tripod. I just got an email from my backup marriage safety net guy, to say he’s safe & well (lives in London at mo). He also came out to me. I’m officially a spinster with no hope.

Bartender, get me another Smegma Gimlet…

Alright my friends, we need some Smegma Coolers all around to wake us up! I hate to say it but we are slowly dying here…
So I went out to visit the new baby and it is the cutest little monster! You will be so pleased with how agressive she is!
I’m off to find some new material…shouldn’t be too hard.

spur charms optional? are you crazy?! they are MANDATORY unbeliveable…

Let’s have a class for the rescues before the bbq, whoever wins, lives.

Right on Silly Horse!!! Yippee!

I have a great business opportunity for you…invest in Udder Crust Summer Malt.

That’s right, stay at home and spend only 20 minutes a week writing checks to The Queen’s Bank of Barbados in Georgetown and get in on the ground floor of this fabulous opportunity.

In return for your investment we promise to support you with advertising and product placement.
Watch for Udder Crust Summer Malt on the table behind Tom Cruise in his upcoming interview with The Society of American Psychiatrists.
We also have a contract to feature Udder Crust Autumn Ale as stomach contents on CSI…including a full screen shot of the partially digested label.

So get in on the ground floor now. Send money. Sit on the couch and drink Udder Crust and we will make you rich.

What an opportunity and what a great product.


o my, i will have to be careful…though i am a bit hurt that you just confirmed that I have no life

Finders – Go for it! Sounds like a legit deal to me…I’ve never heard of anyone having problems with a MO frmo Ethiopia. And they can bond when the have the tripod home…it’s better for them to bond on their own turf anyway.

oskaar – Ryan from the OC and I did go back to his place…but we just hung out and had some smegma coolers. Duh! L (I like how I keep refering to him as “Ryan from the OC”.)

<BLOCKQUOTE class=“ip-ubbcode-quote”><div class=“ip-ubbcode-quote-title”>quote:</div><div class=“ip-ubbcode-quote-content”>Originally posted by jetsmom:

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Why am I absotively posolutely sure I didn’t want to see what was there before 8:19 PM?

No mini-donkey, but I do have one chicken eating Psycho-Mutt who would be delighted to help with such a worthy idea.

i bet NONE of them fit. duh. mcm, you are not as cool as me, and certainly not as cool as TABLE, consiering that she is not as cool as me…duh.

eh, i’ll have 2 in the time that you do…muahaha. dr. delapp would sound snazzy, but, well, would you want me operating on anything? i sure wouldn’t.

It took me a minute to understand to Many Colts Meandering, but then it gave me more drive to fight for us!

Ya’ll are NOT going to BELIVE IT! There’s actually a website that discusses a tripod’s gait!!! Really! What a hoot - AND it’s horse related!!!


Now, the tripods at NC military bases do have MUCH nicer “bodies and heads” but just think about dancing with a tripod at the prom!!

What does the title of this thread mean? I havent’t had time to follow.

I just had my roommate pay a visit to my office for a gossip and realised two things - (1)my roommate is living this thread IRL and (2) I’m concerned!

DeLapp – Oh! I almost forgot to tell you!!! Remember how you wanted the Twinkle Toes Hoof Polish with the red, white, and blue glitter to paint your nails? I found some!!! So I’ll bring it for ya!

Finders - I’m wiring you $117,000 for the flax seed cookie fund… I’ve always wanted to do something generous with my money and heaven knows the Flax Seed Cookies need it…

They are so mistreated and abused, people think that Flax Seed Cookies will be such a cute pet, but then they realize that they have to put them in a box to keep them from going stale and occasionally eat one and they just can’t handle the work, so they release the Flax Seed Cookies into the wild… Flax Seed Cookies can’t protect themselves! They’ll be stale within days!! The Humanity people!! Oh the humanity of it all… what a world, what a world…The Flax Seed Cookies are melting, they’re melting…

Bless you for being good enough to take in money for the Flax Seed Cookies…

**** Proud member of the Flax Seed Cookie Fund (FSCF)****

(perhaps 1-800 had too much coffee on her way to work)

oh my god yall…today i was out at the barn getting ready for the show, and Pilot (my tripod) has a loose shoe! I even aced him and gave him 5 grams of bute and he is STILL lame!! But I have to compete in the tandem hunters tomorrow! What am I going to do?? should i call the vet? or farrier? sorry this is so long…

even table – I haven’t seen a picture of you so you could have been a guy! L And as my BNT, you should know that I don’t want to go to Spruce Meadows!!! I’M AN EVENTER!!! L Flea Bag and I want to go to Rolex, duh!!! I seriously think I need to go find another BNT!

Okay guys! I need help!!! Who wants to recommend a BNT for me?!?! Eventable doesn’t take my dreams seriously!

So y’all are calling me even table for like the last thirty pages, right?

I vote for another person to have a nick change - introducing Horse_POO