Uploaded Photos and Emojis are Broken

Hey @Moderator_1 just figured it would be helpful to start a thread with this info.

Emojis and uploaded pics are showing in the preview pane, but not live.

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Also, the avatars are not showing in quotes. They show in original posts but not in quotes.

started yesterday evening around 6PM… from what I could find it is a problem with the internet itself as there was the same problems reported on various non-related sites


All I know is about 6 last night Pacific Time, this BB was pretty hosed.

I was wondering what had happened as totally inaccessible. Wasn’t any sort of internet issue as other sites were behaving as expected.

The site was down for me from early this morning until now, nothing loading at all, and now all emojis, pictures, videos, and some icons are broken. Chronicle form logo at the top of the page for instance, is clickable but the actual pic is broken.

Thank you everyone – reporting it to the developers!


Everyone in our area, business also, on all internet suppliers, are complaining the internet is super slow and uploading some, not downloading any reliably, why pictures etc are not coming thru, text only mostly.

I have run several speed tests all along and am getting barely .30 uploading, a fat 0 on downloads thru this morning.

@Moderator_1 can you please tell the developer team that we are missing out on photos of adorable kittens because the photo feature is not working right.
If missing out on adorable kitten photos is not an urgent thing to them…


Foals… we’re missing foal pics too.


Foal pics are also very important. I agree!
Pretty Please developers!

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Same here! No kittens!

The site is still notoriously slow on my phone no matter how fast my internet speed is (running a brand new Pixel 4, so it’s not the hardware). I know this upgrade took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, but it is very hard to read long threads because it freezes up when I try to scroll down. :confused:

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was just able to upload a photo to a post, it was there, then poof when away…stolen by the digital devil thing… but it was there for a few moments as the devil thing must have been sleep

That is the way it has been for two days now, it posts ok, then vanishes, leaving a blank spot with the small blue square.

Also now twice, I am typing in a posting window in one thread and when posting, it shows up in another thread!
That one is a puzzler when it comes to cyber magic tricks.

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Still no photos.

Um I have some amazing action shots of the burritos playing, so maybe @Moderator_1 can tell the developers THAT little tidbit and they get to work faster? Because you can’t make people miss out on burrito pics, it’s criminal :wink:



Kind of frustrating, is it.

I expect many would love to see burrito videos again. :star_struck:

I have some excellent pictures of them romping. Waiting to post.



It feels like torture. Now I am also missing out on Burrito photos. Kittens, and not burritos.

Please tell us there is a light at the end of this no cute photo tunnel.

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Weird, this morning I can see the photos in the one driving thread, but I can still not see the photos in the kitten thread.