USEF Network = = Frowny Face

I’m super bummed about this move, as has historically never worked for me.

Here is the new link for anyone interested:

It’s important to go THERE because it only has videos associated with USEF. If you accidentally stumble into the larger Clipmyhorse site, then you get into all of the paywall BS.

Go to the old USEF Network page first and link your account from there first.

They neeed to stabilize the video camera’s. Trying to watch WEC make me dizzy :woozy_face:

I haven’t had any problems with the Grand Arena or the stadium, but everything from Hunter 1 has made me seasick. It was especially bad today trying to watch one trip in the 3’ derby. I haven’t tried to watch any of the other hunter rings.

Oh fantastic. I logged into my USEFNetwork page, it told me they would send a verification link which I got and clicked on, took me to a CMH page to change my password which I did, and asked me to login with my email and password and I got this lovely message: “ Sorry, but your account has been blocked. Please contact our customer support.” Oh how I love CMH :laughing:

I got an error telling me I was under 13 and needed parental permission.

I’m kind of afraid to go much further because I’m wondering if there’s going to be a conflict between my CMH login and my USEF membership credentials??

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I used their contact form and am hoping it is just some kind of weird thing because I had a CMH account and cancelled it so the system isn’t linking right. Getting an age error is definitely a weird one though!

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I logged in through USEF Network and was also directed to verification email with password reset. Did that, went back to USEF Network page, and it redirected to new USEF Network page on CMH. Tried to watch two different sessions of recent Horsemanship clinic, and both time it played for about 10 seconds then said I needed to upgrade to premium. WTH!?!?!?

only me :rofl:

Hi! This is your friendly neighborhood US Equestrian social media team. We saw some of the troubles some of you were having with the USEF Network + CMH.TV transition and wanted to pass along this link that has live customer support to our customer care team:

@rockonxox + @HipNo34 this should all help solve the issues you’re encountering! :slightly_smiling_face:


And @mbhorse too! (We could only tag two people since we’re new to the forum.)

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Sigh, yep, I liked USEF because is wasn’t ClipMyHorse. I’ve just gone to re-watching old shows on youtube for horsey entertainment. I don’t remember who won 5, 7, 10 years ago anyway! :rofl:


CMH was able to fix the error for me :slight_smile:

Thank you! I seem to be “in” okay!
As someone who can happily watch garden variety hunter trips all d*mn day, I like making sure my supply remains uninterrupted :sweat_smile:

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Has anyone been able to watch older videos that were under “on demand” with the old USEF Network? I’ve been trying to find the LRK3DE XC replay from 2022 (or any year….) with no luck, it only shows very recent videos.

UPDATE: oops I found it nvm. It says I need premium, but it’s letting me watch anyway…hopefully it’s not a free 30 minutes then I’ll be prompted to upgrade. 150% will not be renewing if that’s the case @usequestrian

The quality so far is really poor, the video is constantly buffering so truthfully even if I don’t have to upgrade, I probably won’t renew my membership because the videos are essentially unwatchable :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:


Constant buffering? Welcome to CMH.

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I’m resurrecting this thread because I’m going to scream. @usequestrian

I’ve already sent one testy email to USEF support. I thought I was sorted but apparently I spoke too soon because it was only a preview. After a few minutes, my screen was overtaken with an invitation to upgrade my USEF membership. Which USEF should already know is at the subscriber level because, during the aforementioned testy exchange, I was told they had me down as five (5) and needed to reverify my age…again. Which is hilarious because apparently a 5-year old can purchase health and vision coverage through USEF. Which I did last year.

Anyhoo. Every time I go to the USEF Network page where it invites you to link your USEF account, it opens a new tab and sends me to the same page… that I was already on, inviting me to link my account. And if I select a live stream from Desert Circuit… it invites me to upgrade.

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Typical experience for me. Clipmyhorse is the worst.

Honestly, to be fair, I haven’t really had a lot of the CMH problems other people have reported (I mean, through my regular CMH account) and if my budget had the room right now, I’d probably upgrade – especially if I could watch on my smart TV. I put the bitty free streams on and keep them on in the background while I work most of the day. I’m pretty easily thrilled.

So you know it’s bad if I’m this frustrated, trying to watch some of today’s Desert Circuit derby.

This USEF integration has just not gone well, at least for me. Someone from USEF emailed me back and said she thought some of the problems might be a clash between the two accounts and that she’d let CMH know (the implication is that this is all their circus?).

On the whole, I’d just say the changeover could’ve benefitted from absolute idiot-proof instructions and navigation that’s in your face at both ends. My suspicion is that there’s a design fail going on that’s rooted in failing to look at the interface and process from “the outside.”

What may be obvious to people who work on the USEF Network or for CMH, is not going to be to someone who’s not living it every day. And this just feels a bit hastily pulled off.


This is why I cancelled my CMH premium subscription-because you really can’t watch on your smart TV unless you are an AppleTV subscriber. I am not, and I am not buying yet another pricey subscription to watch my pricey subscription. The video quality while watching anything from CMH on my computer is so uneven, that trying to project to my TV or even connect via HDMI cable just makes the image quality even worse. To the point that the horses are so grainy and blurry, you can’t tell a bay from a chestnut. I have sent CMH several customer requests to make the channel accessible through other streaming services, but a curt “no, we have no plans for that” is always the answer.


I didn’t know that! I vaguely remembered reading somewhere there was an app and thought they had something standalone. I didn’t realize it was through Apple. I actually have an Apple sub as part of a package deal but I’m still not going to add another one unless I can figure out something to trade in the budget. Somethings, plural. Thank you, pending car repair bill sigh