Verhan Saddles?

While we always see the saddle threads talking mostly about Devocoux, Antares, CWD, and the occasional County, I never see Verhan mentioned. Just wanted to know a few things from the few Verhan people on here:

Are their prices comparable with the brands mentioned above? Higher? Lower?

Are their reps good at what they do? Are they easy to contact and get a hold of?

What can be said about the quality of the leather?

And any other comments you may have about them???

My favorite saddle I have owned was my Verhan Futurity. I sold it with my last horse because she was hard to fit and got really back sore if a saddle didn’t fit perfectly, so just for my own peace of mind I made sure it went with the horse.

My Verhan was gorgeous. The leather was incredible, such a pretty color. It looked just as good after 5 years of riding in it as it did the day I bought it. It fit me like a glove, and was a perfect fit for my mare.

Dealing with Verhan was great. When I had it restuffed they mailed it back to me with a free girth that matched my saddle, just because.

I don’t have a Verhan right now because I can’t afford another one. Definatley would make Verhan my first choice when/I can afford one again :slight_smile:

Are the seat and knee rolls made of different leather then the flap and skirt? Im looking at two, one from a friend who sent me pictures, and one on ebay, and both seem to be different leather, or maybe the lighting is weird…

I honestly cannot say enough good things about Verhan. Bernardo and Gigi, the owners, are husband and wife and so great to work with. My e-mails were usually responded to within a day if not sooner. I sent countless pictures and videos and eventually me tup with Bernardo when he was doing a fitting a few hours away. He is one of the nicest people I have met and has great knowledge of saddle building, anatomy, rider position etc. He has since come to my barn and was very well received there as well.

In terms of comparability to other saddles, I feel that my Verhan (Todd Minikus version) will last me for ever. I got the buffalo and it is wearing like iron so far. I think the French saddles are often more “delicate” and wear more quickly. Bernardo also went the extra mile to make my sure my very sensitive chestnut TB was comfortable by integrating Thinline pads into the panels under the flocking. I basically got a 100% custom saddle and great reliable service to back up the product for maybe $1,000 less than the other saddles mentioned.

P.S. I also think I remember Bernardo mentioning that they don’t actually sponsor any riders, so most of their business comes from word of mouth from satisfied customers.

they sponsor Stacy Parvey-Larsson, a dressage rider in Ocala fl

I know Gigi and Bernardo, they boarded where I used to work many many years ago when they first moved to Ocala and started making the saddles. Lovely people.

Eventer did you find when you first got the saddle that the flaps were of a different color? Im just trying to figure out if the saddle I found online is normal, as the flap are lighter in color, and of a much more orangey tinge then the knee rolls and seat.

I’ve been riding in a Verhan dressage saddle (don’t know the model) and it’s just FANTASTIC. It belongs to my trainer so I don’t know how much it cost, but I have been very impressed with it!

The flaps did match the rest of the saddle, but the panels were darker. However, I have seen a brand new Verhan with the coloration you are describing. I only saw it brand new, so I’m not sure how it looked after oiling/breaking in. You could always shoot Gigi and Bernardo an e-mail, and I would bet they would be willing to help you out. :yes:

I can’t believe this one has not sold yet!

I think I will! I found one on ebay that has the weird coloring too. Theres a girl at my barn with the same saddle that the flaps are different colored but I don’t know how old hers is… BTW this is the one I found on ebay

The same seller has another with a 16" seat that doesn’t have the weird coloring… maybe its because the other saddles leather is smooth and not buffalo?

ETA: Just realized the seller of both of these saddles is based in Ocala, I could always go see them for myself lol.

I have only heard rave reviews about Verhan saddles and their customer service. I know Malvern Saddlery used to have them in their catalog but I have never seen any vendors at horse shows, nor are they in any of my local tack shops. They sound awesome.

[quote=MunchingonHay;5936281]they sponsor Stacy Parvey-Larsson, a dressage rider in Ocala fl

:winkgrin: Yep, that is how I found out about Verhans.

I have posted a few times about Verhan before, they are lovely saddles. I have a Verhan Todd Minikus that I ordered about 7 years ago for a very narrow TB. I bought the saddle partly because they can be re-customized down the road if you need to use it on a different horse.

I had my saddle re-customized to a very round backed, no wither horse. Gigi and Bernardo were great to work with. They were very reasonably priced as well. I felt like I had 2 saddles for the price of 1.

The leather is all the same color and it came that way. It is still in beautiful shape with lots of riding.

The leather is all the same color and it came that way.[/QUOTE]

So would you say such a difference in color is abnormal?

Both saddles are listed as “buffalo” - it’s likely the 16in saddle will be 2 toned when it’s oiled etc.

Ok thanks for the info. I talked to the girl at the barn about hers, which is a futurity with buffalo leather too, and she said the same thing. I’m making a trip to go to their shop in Citra to check everything out :slight_smile:

We have two Verhan’s, both customized. I didn’t like the deep seat of the Todd Minikus for the hunter rings, but both my daughter and I are long from hip to knee, so had the flap of the Futurity made a bit further forward. I also had the rear blocks removed from my saddle. Both were buffalo leather. I’ve had almost every saddle imaginable over the years, everything from cheaper models as saddles to break babies, to Bates (with adjustable plates), to Tad Coffin, to custom Devoucoux. EVERY saddle made at least one horse’s back sore (and the Tad Coffin did it to three different horses). We’ve used my daughter’s Verhan on three different ponies (did have to have the flocking customized for the last one, as her shoulder is different on one side, even after multiple chiro/accupuncture…just how she is!), all have went very well, including a large pony that we were told would NOT do changes one way (he was very sore in his back when we got him). My saddle has been adjusted to fit a KWPN mare with enormous shoulders (wider than the tree was for our little Welsh pony) and now to fit a 1/2 TB mare. $450 for a tree adjustment like this is FAR more preferable than buying a new saddle! I plan on getting another one this year, and will be selling my daughter’s 16" to get her a 16 1/2" with bigger flaps (her legs are outgrowing the flaps already). Best saddles I’ve ever had.

Oh Im excited now! The girl at my barn is allowing me to try her saddle tomorrow! So if I like it, I’m definitely making the trip to Citra to his store. Do any of you know if the address on the Verhan website is the address to the store?

I want one-- one with that straight-looking flap. The balance looks awesome for a shortie like me.

Does anyone know where I can get a Verhan jumping saddle? I can’t find them anywhere …nothing comes up on website either

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