Vitamin E; yet another thread

So I’ve been feeding these to my younger horses to (hopefully) help prevent EDM

But it’s a synthetic version, which I know isn’t as bioavailable. I give about 2000iu each day, which is much more than the recommended amount, but I figured that since it was synthetic the extra would help.

I know there’s non-synthetic versions out there, but at 20c a serving I can’t beat the price of the Amazon product. However, I don’t want to be feeding something worthless. Thoughts?

(Also, I know there was a thread on here with a link to a vitamin E chart but the thread is ‘broken’ for me and won’t open.)

2000 iu isn’t “much more” than the recommended amount. It’s about baseline for a normal horse, when feeding natural vitamin e.

Santa Cruz is about 14 cents per 1000 iu, for natural e. Highly recommend.


I’m really leery about the site because it keeps giving me Chinese pop ups. Is it safe? Is there somewhere else to order through?

Tractor Supply or Chewy


Huh? Yeah, it’s safe to order from. I dunno, maybe you have some scumware?

Google also says it’s available from chewy, TSC, Amazon, sstack, madbarn, geez even Walmart. They’re really distributing these days, pick your favorite.

Here’s a link directly to Santa Cruz if anyone needs…


Weird. It’s on my phone. When I open the site it does that thing when it automatically sends me to some page completely in what I believe is Chinese.

Might be worth checking for viruses and malware? I go to their site with no issues :woman_shrugging:


Love Health-E

I’ve gotten the Santa Cruz Vit E powder via Amazon before. I think ordering direct from Santa Cruz is the least expensive though. I don’t have any issues navigating to their site from my mobile. I can see why getting an odd looking Chinese screen might put you off though. Can’t be to careful about scams

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Here the comparison chart - message if you see any out of date info:


they are synthetic E as well. And not that it matters when it comes to what it actually is, but I have a real problem with their marketing/advertisting LOL Maximum strength? " WORLD RECORD for highest Vitamin E levels in a horse supplement." is just hilarious LOL!

Just because your scoop holds 16,000IU, who cares LOL That 16,000IU works out to about the equivalent of 11,000IU natural E. Nobody needs to be using 16,000IU, not even synthetic, unless it’s an enormous horse with low levels confirmed via bloodwork, and if that were the case, I would be using a water-soluble E anyway.

And, they say “From smallest to biggest, all horses get 1 full scoop” which is 5700IU (equivalent natural E), which is WAY too much for the average horse, let along a small horse or pony.

They also tout having all 8 forms of E, but there’s a reason most products only use alpha-tocopherol, because that’s the form most readily bioavailable in oral form, the others are not bioavailable enough to be worth adding in


Another one that orders from Santa Cruz, and no issues with the website. I just tried accessing it on my phone as well (normally order from a laptop) and had no problem, and no weird Chinese sites/characters.

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I had my Paint gelding on HorseTech natural Vit E for years. I used Selen AT which has natural E and selenium. Se soil levels are low in Maine. I put him on Sentinel LS grain, which has Se, when he hit his mid-20s. His blood work came back with Se level at the top of the safe range. Rod, owner of HorseTech, did the math with me on the phone. He recommended continuing the grain and switching to their natural E-5000 product. Ingredients are d-Alpha Tocopheryl in food-grade milled flaxseed with yeast. I used their scoop. One scoop daily is 1/2 oz, which is about 2500IU.
Equus magazine has had a few good articles on Vit E. They explain what E does in the body, natural vs synthetic, and dosages for various activity levels.

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The Santa Cruz website sometimes does weird things, language wise. It once appeared in something of Scandinavian origin for me for no reason at all. :woman_shrugging::joy: @bugsynskeeter works for them and is very helpful with technical issues.

I mostly use Selen AT from HorseTech, since I’m almost always needing to also supplement Se if/when I need to add vitamin E.

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Did the price of Ultra Cruz vit E just jump way up? Or was I just lucky with my last order?

I got a 10lb bag of pellet natural vit E plus in January from Chewy for $78.70. I did a double take when I went to renew my order today and saw it’s now $110. :neutral_face:

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Yes I think the price increased recently!

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Yes, it went up big time.

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Oh no! Who’s got the spreadsheet? I bet this changes the “most economical” lineup.

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Inquiring minds want to know!

I’ve updated the prices for Ultra Cruz (5 diff sizes) and the softgels currently in number 1 place today:

if anyone has other products to add or update, send me a link!