WEC and USEF Kiss and Make Up

The shows at WEC in Ohio have been USEF recognized all winter, so I’m not sure why the press release makes it sound like that is a big change at that location.

And last summer they were going to have USEF shows. I thought it was an old story that was dug up.

Only 5 shows were USEF Rated at WEC OHiO
They were staggered.
Its great that they are all rated now !

Eh, I’m disappointed they aren’t sticking with NSBA. I’ve paid my association fees for them, which may bias me a bit, but I just feel that USEF needs to actually listen to competitors and show runners and they still aren’t. There’s shows across the country that have been denied dates because they are arbitrarily ‘too close’ to another show without taking in to consideration if the shows are actually going to be in direct competition for clientele.


I have heard rumors that HITS sold to WEC. Unsure if there is any truth to that?

All of the people who were proclaiming that WEC was for the “little guy” are pretty quiet. It’s a business, so of course the Robby will do what is in the best financial interest of his corporation. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

Ohio numbers seemed light on the NSBA weeks compared to USEF, IMO.

I show at both facilities when I can, I have no allegiance to USEF or NSBA- though they both got my money.

I’m going a different direction with my current jumper anyway because of the exorbitant money is costs to show USEF (or NSBA- not much difference).

I hope everyone who wants gets a chance to show at either facility and wish all well.


I just saw a super interesting price comparison for WEC Ocala and HITS Ocala a photographer shared on her Instagram. Stall and entry fee costs? The shows total roughly the same for a 3’ adult hunter - over $900 total for all fees. That’s BOTH a USEF and Non USEF show.

I don’t really think WEC Ocala is for the “little guy” now that stalls aren’t free, sadly :frowning:


Free stalls were amazing lazy year - But I have not been anywhere to show with such a nice setup .
Size of stall
Wash Racks Hot water / Matted
Whole property is amazing :star_struck:
I do my own care and the extra time I didn’t spend cleaning everything 3 x a day cause the stalls and surrounding area is a dirt pit meant alot to me.
Stalls are expensive everywhere now .
They did an amazing job at Wec Florida !


I can’t say I ever believed that WEC was going to be a cheaper option (spending that many millions on a facility has to make a return on investment somewhere). But as a specific competitor to HITS in Ocala they have several things going for them - better facilities, nicer staff/management and more prize money opportunities down through the lower levels. If you compare the week to week numbers between HITS and WEC this winter, WEC easily has 2-3 times the number of trips each day.


I never felt it was for the little guy, as the showing costs were still on par with a rated show.
But I did hope that it would possibly cause USEF to have a competitor (NSBA) which would cause both parties to have to listen to their customers.

Competition is always good in business, and USEF has been a monopoly for too long.


It all seems hush hush and vague as to what is going on. NSBA released a statement today stating that they are still committed to the hunter jumper division and are working closely with WEC “as they add USEF approval to existing NSBA approved events.” So perhaps they could to a type of dual approval? Or maybe Robby is going to drop the NSBA approval.

I hope they can maintain NSBA approval. As someone who shows primarily AQHA (and NSBA World Show), it was nice having a large stock breed entity putting effort in to growing the hunter jumpers. We were going to start partaking in some of the NSBA sanctioned WEC shows soon. Probably won’t if they’re just USEF approved as USEF doesn’t fit in to our plans and goals. Hopefully they can hash it out and get us a clear answer soon.


I believe I’ve seen places that had dual NSBA/USEF shows in the past, although not very often.

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NSBA dual approves all the time with the stock horse associations. So I don’t see why they couldn’t with USEF. Unless USEF wants to hold a **** measuring contest. But at this point it would be sweet if we could all get along and pick up the various sets of points that any particular person needs, in super venues, with great competition.


Saratoga Ran NSBA and USEF dual approved hunter jumper shows in 2021


That rumor goes around every year.


To others’ points—NSBA vs. USEF really didn’t make a lick of difference in terms of cost. I think there’s about a $100 difference at the end of the day in terms of fees.

What I will say is that I personally ENJOYED how much smaller the NSBA shows typically were at WEC Wilmington.

My barn has a chunk of amateurs, and we were talking about how it means incredibly little if anything at all to chase after USEF points. If winning a 3’ derby meant winning an E-STIM unit and a bottle of rosé, we’d be more than happy.

We lamented the fact it’s hard to find smaller, local shows that are run at caliber facilities like WEC, at least in our neck of the woods (Ohio). Not sure how that resonates in other parts of the country. I just remember being in Zone 4 in the 90s and having a ton of options. Now it’s like 3, and if it rains at all you can scratch two of them of the list.


Plus they were giving out crosses in the show office and there is a giant one on the show grounds, near the chapel. I wouldn’t be caught dead showing there. Hopefully not my famous last words!


I have shown at HITS for about 20 years. I’ll take WEC any day. Sure the stalls are expensive, but you know what? They’re really nice! And the amenities, namely actual bathrooms, great restaurants, fans already mounted in the stalls, you name it, make it all worth it.
It was freezing a few weeks ago. I was happy in the barn. My husband was very happy in the hotel reading a book in front of the fireplace until I was ready to show.


The inspirational god quotes on the scoreboards are kind of extra for a horse show that probably has people of many or no religions :joy: but the facilities are outrageously fantastic and put HITS to shame.

Now if only we could fly commercial directly into Ocala rather than Orlando/Gainesville/Tampa, rent a car, and schlep an hour and a half down there. Can we get the Roberts on that next?