WEF Equitation Finale, Link to Video in Post #72

The big equitation championship for this year’s class winners at WEF is this Friday afternoon at 5 PM.

For this class each year, the riders walk the course, warm up, and compete without any assistance from their trainers.They also get a preparation score from an observer in the schooling ring.

There are about 40 on the start list right now, including some riders from California. At least two of them did the similar class last week at Thermal.

The order of go and live stream should be available here:

This is a pretty interesting article about the seven riders participating from André Dignelli’s Heritage Farm.


Class specs:


Heritage has done a lot of advertising. They must be looking to expand their program.

Thanks for the heads up. I wonder if there will be commentary. I learned so much by watching the Thermal class last Saturday.

I do wish that show management could spell vertical correctly…

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I would think so.

I’ve noticed that this winter, they have had several different people doing the commentary on the various live streams. It’s kind of nice to hear from people with another point of view.

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@MHM Will it be fairly easy to find the livestream? Do you need to register? I’m familiar with and registered for the version of ShowGroundsLive used by Thermal. This looks like SGL.

It’s usually pretty easy to find. Typically you can either click on the class itself and the live stream will open above the order of go, or you might need to click on the green box to the left that says live classes.

They have a live stream going on right now for other classes if you want to check and work out the bugs on it.

Right now you can watch the qualifier for the Saturday night Grand Prix out on the grass field down on the corner. There are 18 qualified so far for the jump off, with another dozen or so left in the first round.


Why does the article say Tori Colvin won the class twice and then says previous winners are not eligible to compete?

I would guess they probably adjusted the class specs after Tori won it a second time. Otherwise maybe she would have won it six times, depending on how old she was at that point. Lol.


That makes sense, although the article should have said that.

Can’t wait!

I think that’s what was meant in the article when it said “Victoria Colvin remains the only rider to win the class twice, doing so in 2012 and 2014 (previous winners are no longer eligible to compete); in between her titles, Lillie Keenan rode to top honors in 2013”. I interpreted that to mean that the rules were changed at some point after Tori’s 2nd win.

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It seems to be on the USEF Netwok page.Odd though, it not being listed under “Upcoming” but there is a photo and the date in the pictures on the site along with a “watch” button.

Hmm. Well, if it turns out to be only on the USEF network, the code DOVER21 might still work for a free fan membership if anyone needs it.

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Order of go: https://pbiec.coth.com/classsignup/ViewSetOrder/cgid/166308

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The order is from their equitation standings throughout the circuit, with the top riders at the end.

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Why is John Brennan listed as trainer instead of Missy Clark?

I believe John is Missy’s husband and business partner. He is usually listed as the trainer for the entries from North Run.

Yeah, I knew that. Maybe they can only fit one person on the cart and he alphabetically first. JB is a work of art. I knew him before he became famous as he lived in my hometown of Old Lyme. Yowzer, he’s come a long way.

Did you ever hear the story about John Brennan and Kevin Babington going to watch the horse show at Lake Placid when they were working at a summer camp in an adjoining state? It was hilarious.

Those two have to be poster boys for all the Irishmen who came to America and made good in the horse business.

Judging pairs are Ralph Caristo/Michael Morrisey and Keri Kempsen/Chris Kappler.

I have to say I did not at all see the white gate on top of the final jump at first. I thought it was a trot jump until the first horse jumped over it.

I’m very surprised they don’t have anyone doing any commentary on this class.