Welcome Tom the Cat

Such a sweet face. Up here we call tuxedos Cow Cats.

I was at a clinic a few years ago and the host had a taco truck in to cover the catering. It was awesome.


oh my that handsome face. Tom looks so smart and engaged. I’d be talking to him all the time!


Look at those gorgeous, intelligent eyes! Once he settles in, he’ll be up to all sorts of hijinks. :slight_smile: He has that same calculating gleam my Maximus gets when he KNOWS he’s thinking up something he shouldn’t do, but will probably do anyway.


He is just too cute!

Love that taco truck.

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I’m so happy that the taco truck has a new driver!
It definitely looks like it’ll be in very capable paws (who may not test it’s weight capacity quite as much as the former proprietor​:wink::laughing: Dice and the taco truck always, always makes me smile.)


The Dude looks like he will be a blast.
Congrats the both of you. To great rides on the taco truck!


I think it was his eyes, scared though they were, that drew me in. Not sure why he sat there for five weeks without anyone else seeing that. Their loss my gain.


Has the proud Mama of a very chonky boy who is also a Taco Truck proprietor I can attest that a couple of cheap balsa wood slats reinforce those roofs really well!

On a side note, we put the Taco Truck in storage for a seasonal upgrade. I thought the double-decker Halloween candy house would be a huge upgrade, but failed to account for the small size of the 2nd story.

So far so good

figuring out the 2nd story

and now we are off the rails.
We had about 1 day of “spillage of chub” and remodeling
creative remodeling before he popped that entire 2nd story off. I guess he really prefers the 'open roof concept"


Y’all… :joy:
I just can’t even. First Dice and the taco truck and now (I NEED to know your chonker’s name, BatCoach) ____ and the candy shop!
I am dying over here!!!:rofl::rofl:


Oh this handsome fellow?

This is Milo - my 3 year old Chonky boi and manny to 8 foster kittens.

Anyway… back to Tom the Tuxie!


OMG I am laughing so hard - I love the fang marks on the walls.

And Tom looks so handsome on his taco truck.

(I’ve got to get one of these!)

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Today’s vet visit went very well. He was nervous at times, but very good and easy to handle. He was described as a sweetheart by the vet and the techs.

He came home and was his usual sweet self. I was concerned that we might backslide a little or more.

This was our free checkup provided by the shelter which I was able to do at my regular vet.

Here we are looking concerned but less so than at the shelter.


Stunningly Handsome Tom!!!

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I love his little fishy name tag!


Every taco truck proprietor needs one.


He’s adorable and a good boy too! I’m glad his vet visit went well. :heart:

Did you pick the fish tag on purpose because of the taco truck? :smile:

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It was the only smallish one. But I also liked the consistent theme.

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What? Is that a ‘special’ Fish Taco Truck?

Yes. https://www.target.com/p/taco-truck-cat-scratcher-boots-38-barkley-8482/-/A-79423256#lnk=sametab

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OK- so now Tom needs one of those delirium causing stuffed fish toys. Some of them jump around and kitty goes nuts wrestling with them. Some just lay there but may have catnip or something inside cause something excites the kitty.
A friend says her cat goes wild playing with their fish.