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WERM flooring concerns?

I’m getting reay to order a new 4 Star trailer and am undecided about the WERM flooring. For those who have it, are you concerned that you can’t ever check the condition of the aluminum floor beneath? Besides the cost are there any cons? Thanks for any input.

The floor can still be checked from underneath the trailer. I would order WERM if I had the option to do so. You will not regret it!

I had factory-installed WERM in my 4-Star and it was the best thing since sliced bread. The gelding I had at the time peed in the trailer every ride (and we were on the road 3-4x/week) and I was not interested in pulling mats all the time. With the WERM, I used shavings (to avoid having pee rolling around inside the trailer), and cleaned the trailer after each use, picking out the wet spot and leaving it open to dry. When the shavings got low I swept the remainder out, sprayed it out, let it dry, add fresh shavings. Super easy and it was very durable…even with heavy use the WERM was never damaged or compromised. I would LOVE to have WERM again!!

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I had WERM flooring installed in my 2001 4 Star trailer maybe 3 years ago. I LOVE it. It was pricey but I decided the upgrade was worth it.

I just bought a 2011 Sundowner 7608 LQ trailer and hope to get WERM flooring installed in it. Not looking forward to dragging mats in and out of the trailer until I get that done.

My first two trailers had rumber flooring and I wish my current trailer had it. I’ve not seen WERM, but I think it’s similar. If you can afford it, get it.

Our 4 Star has it and I love it. We do take care of it, picking it out after each use and sweeping/hosing it out periodically.

No cons thus far on the WERM flooring. Have had my 4star for just over a year and love it. Best trailer ever. As the others mentioned, I pick out/sweep after every use and it get pressure washed once a year.

Okay I have had the same trailer for 13 years. Basic wood floor with mats. I trailer with shavings. I just pick the wet spot and manure and sweep back the back edge. Once a year I pull the mats to check the floor. It show no signs of rot or softness. I guess I don’t get the comments about pulling the mats in and out. I only need to do it once a year and I do it as part of the spring deep clean. It is two mats. One in front and one in back.

I could see buying a trailer with the WERM already in and never doing it or replacing a bad floor with one depending on the price difference. Maybe it is because I have a wood floor not aluminum that I don’t see the appeal- especially for the price of the WERM. I prefer wood floors to aluminum.

Two years ago DH replaced the wood on the ramp. That was because the weatherstripping needed to be replaced and was letting water in over the top doors. It was running down the inside of the ramp. Even then I got 11 years out of it and it was and easy, cheap fix.

reviving a ZOMBIE thread (sorry!)

Not WERM, but “Sure-foot flooring” ala Titan Trailer Manufacturer.
Solid rubber board floor, tonguein groove…with mats or with that troweled in rubber yr floor. I cannot decide. It has a 7yr warranty. One person said her heavy pawer did significant damage on one 3hr haul. I have two that are pawing devils. You folks that like this floor…are your horses pawers?

I know someone who dealt with damage without pawers, hers were slant load, wear and tear under the back feet. Worst of all were the tiny unseeable holes/tears slowly allowing moisture to seep in long before the larger damage was apparent.

Years ago when I ordered my trailer I asked about werm flooring and the trailer manufacturer (boutique custom trailers, trailers USA) told me he no longer would put it in based on the amount of repairs he dealt with over the years. I took him at his word. Trailer mats are a giant pain in my ass, but given my level of paranoia about trailer floor damage, it’s a fine trade off!


Well, seems MY dealer doesn’t like them either! This is from the email i got from her this afternoon: "With Sure Foot, I know the patching is not nearly as painless. The temperature has to be correct. It is a particular product. They do peel at times, and I promise a horse can maul the surface.

Rubber boards with mats is going to be an extremely long lasting solution." <<rubber boards with mats over is what has worked well in my own old trailer for 17 yrs. So, guess i’ll stick with that.

Thanks for your input!!

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I would not go with WERM, but would consider Rumber. I’ve also faired fine with wood and mats before too.

I’ve seen/heard 2 terrible experiences with WERM in my small circle of US based horse friends, so there’s that. Neither were due to lack of care, abuse to the trailer, or owners negligence.


Thanks! That’s exactly what i’ve done. Rubber tongue’n groove boards with mats over. Even the dealer said to avoid that flooring.

Pray tell, what were the 2 terrible experiences? I have Polylast, which is very similar to WERM, and love it. Granted, my horse does paw, so I put a protective mat up front, but otherwise still very much enjoy the benefits of it.


Yes, I would also love to hear the problem stories, as my trailer is going in for WERM flooring next month! :grimacing:

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The feedback I have heard (manufacturer)/seen (friend) is that ultimately horses create tears and cracks in the werm and generally by the time you notice it there’s been smaller openings that allow moisture (urine included) to get between the werm and aluminum flooring with no opportunity to dry/drain.

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I think you could get away with no mats on top of the rubber boards. That’s how my Rumber trailer was, and a friends as well, and we both had no issues. The standard rubber mats in trailers don’t seem to provide much shock absorption (esp not when added to already rubber flooring) and mostly provide a non-slip surface and protect the base floor (IME). Unless you have something like the Equimats on top, I’d skip the hassle of mats entirely. That’s supposed to be one of the benefits of Rumber!


i have had mats ontop of rumber boards in my old trailer, which is 17 yrs old now, and i hose it all down well as soon as i get home. Every year or two i take it to the self-wash place in town and drag out the mats and get them good both sides and the boards too.

And you’re right, those boards are really really good non-slip footing! Mine haven’t had hooves on them because they’re underneath the mats, but i doubt they’d never smooth0ut.

Those rumber boards are really worth the money!!!

Our stock trailers have thick Rumbar boards and no mats and have worked like that to haul horses and cattle for decades, still look like new.
Rumbar flooríng needs more struts underneath, other flooring would use fewer.

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