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What about a COTH meeting??

As it looks like there will be quite a few people from COTH in Las Vegas, what about a meeting??? It would be so nice to really meet some people, and we should have enough time for it :slight_smile:

I think it’s a great idea. Once we get closer in, we should try to figure it out.

You’re staying at the Alexis Park, right? I might be staying there. You can definitely walk to T and M from there.

I would be interested, I will be there with my sister-in law, so with enough advanced notice, we will be in.

I would love to!

I’m in. A group of COTHers did this in 2007? We met for breakfast at the MGM. It was one of the highlights of that trip. I think there were about 30 of u.

Sounds wonderful :). So should we think about a Meeting Point??

Let’s wait until closer in. I’m still waiting for the press agenda to book my hotel and flight, or I may drive. Where you’re staying might be a good choice, though, Manni. It’s walkable from Thomas and Mack.

It also might be nice to combine it with something going on there, but I don’t know about anything yet.

I got my flight today but don’t know if I am going to buy the pass or individual tickets. I am going by myself so that might get boring being there the whole time.

Where are you staying?

I have two tickets for dressage and haven’t decided if I’m going to take someone from here or not, and whether I’m going to drive of fly. Then I need to decide on a hotel. I’m waiting for them to release the media information to get a better idea.

Assuming you mean me, I am staying at my Mom’s near Red Rock Casino.

Yes, Laurie, Sorry. I’m trying to figure out where everyone might be so there might be kind of a central place to meet up. You’re kind of out there.

Are you doing jumping, dressage, or both? It might be a good idea to see who’s doing what and who might want to get together to blab horse stuff.

You should definitely be able to buy individual tickets as you want except for the finals.

I want to see both so will probably end up buying the package tickets. I will have a car so can go anywhere to meet up. If there aren’t too many of us we could even meet up at my Mom’s place. It is absolutely gorgeous but it is a gated community and they give us crap about signing lots of people in the gate and having lots of cars there.

Manni is staying at Alexis Park http://www.hotelscombined.com/Hotel/Search?fileName=Alexis_Park_Resort&destination=place:University_of_Nevada_Las_Vegas&radius=1mi&checkin=2015-04-15&checkout=2015-04-19&Rooms=1&adults_1=2&returnPath=%2FHotels%2FSearch%3Fdestination%3Dplace%3AUniversity_of_Nevada_Las_Vegas%26radius%3D1mi%26checkin%3D2015-04-15%26checkout%3D2015-04-19%26Rooms%3D1%26adults_1%3D2%26pageSize%3D15%26pageIndex%3D0%26sort%3DDistance-asc%26showSoldOut%3Dfalse%26scroll%3D1524%26mapState%3Dexpanded%3D0 which is walkable to Thomas and Mack. I might stay there, too, once I decide whether I drive or fly. Some place like that might be good because there are options at the hotel. I don’t know if there are any options within the Thomas and Mack.

There’s always something like meeting at the trade fair or some food stand near there as we’ll all probably be there anyway.

I would be interested. The friend I’m going with has season dressage tickets and I am going to get individual show jumping tickets for some of the events once they’re available (a week from today, IIRC). She is not staying after the dressage final on Saturday afternoon and I am debating whether to go home at that point also or stay and watch the jumping final on Sunday.

I’m only 24, but I’d be game if I was given permission into your club. I have tickets for the entire jumping session. My hotel and flight were booked probably 6 months ago, or whenever the presale was. Flying in on Thursday, as that is a throwaway jumping day.

Might try to get an individual dressage ticket if there are any scalpers during the week.

I just booked my tickets! So excited. I’m definitely in for a meet-up, just let me know where and make sure there is wine involved :slight_smile:

I am starting to get excited about it.

You know, maybe we should plan a meeting at Alexis Park. I know you’re staying there, Manni, and it looks like heidicald may be, too. I may also, as it’s a very good price and within walking distance of Thomas and Mack.

I just need to decide whether I’m flying or driving in. I’m kinda of thinking I want my car. I have two tickets and am deciding who to bring. I have the preordered ones that are balcony level, but because I preordered, they put me on the lower level at B/C.

Great idea!!

The girls from the not-frozen North will be at South Point with VIP tickets so will be found all day, every day, drooling over pretty horses and riders at the T&M, but would be willing to tear ourselves away for a COTH-theme gathering. Just let us know where and when. And what to bring.