What can you tell me about Rat Terriers? (Update from today’s vet visit, jingles needed)

My daughter adopted an adorable little lady dog from a local shelter. She was said to be a 10-ish Jack Russell. Her build is different from the Jack Russells we’ve known, she could totally be a mix. Her build is more refined than a Jack, she has the cutest dainty trot.

She was picked up as a stray, wearing her leash, they tried to contact her people and no one came for her or called back. Her name is now Madame, she’s very sweet, polite, and reserved. She needs to gain a few lbs but so far, won’t eat much of what’s been offered. Sweet little lady has clearly been through a lot in the past few weeks and no doubt needs time to decompress. My daughter was making her a vet appointment today.

Anywho, I really think she looks like a Rat Terrier. We’ve never known a Rat Terrier before, so who has experience with them and what can you tell me?


Maybe it’s a good idea she’s an oldish (rat) terrier!! :innocent: 0-9 are the hell years! She’s a Stymie! ETA: ‘Petey’ the dog on Spanky and our Gang.

Rat terriers are a terrier smart and active. I’ve known a few and they were/are individuals so judge how she is now. She looks sweet. Her ear looks more JRT. Is she leggy and leaner?

My daughter has a Decker rat terrier. (Larger size) Rats comes in all sizes depending on how they’re bred.

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LOL! Based on your description, she’s already gone through the hell years! :joy:

My daughter has had her for 3 days and then she’s been here during the day for 2 while my daughter goes to her office. So it’s not really been long enough for her to really relax and show us who she is, thus far she’s quiet and reserved. Once she realizes that she’s “home” I can’t help but think she might be a little spunkier.

She’s too thin right now but her structure looks more lean and lanky. I think she’s around 17lbs and is quite ribby. She’s a little longer and definitely taller than my 19lb Lhasa.

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This was adopted to us as a Jack(ie) Russell
She sat demurely in a cage between two yapping Yorkies quietly attracting my son’s attention. She was older, and a mess.
She was a force of nature, barely potty trained (not her fault), and we miss her so much.


Love this question. Our farrier has a JRTxRat Terrier, and says he’s a lot more mellow than the full JRT who was his predecessor! He was told that the Rat mellows the Jack, but sounds like someone was mistaken there!

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Oh my goodness, what a sweet face! And those ears…:heart_eyes:
Similar to your story, my daughter said that Madame was in her kennel, on her bed, and seemed to kind of tune it all out. She’s very potty trained, and will not get on the furniture unless you put her there.

There’s a sadness about her, as if she’s grieving. We think that she must’ve had her person…someone that she was very bonded to. The shelter thought so too, they tried to find them and even extended her stray hold by a week.

It’s only been a few days, we’ll keep peeling back her layers and just love her.


Hmm, perhaps she’s a Jack Rat?!

She is older, and has had quite a tumultuous month or so. She’s very dainty and has the cutest, peppy little trot! I’ve got to get it on video.

We’ve never had terriers of any variety, so any advice would be golden!

I love the black spot around her eye with a poof of white eyebrow! :star_struck:

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I know nothing about rat terriers but just wanted to say how cute she is. Thank you for giving her a forever home! :kissing_heart:

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This is my Rat Terrier/ShihTzu cross. She definitely has the terrier personality! However, she’s never been hyper. I adopted her from the humane society; she was a “second chance” adoption. She was advertised as a Jack Russell cross, but I was able to get her puppy pictures and pics of her purebred Rat Terrier mom. She is 12 now and still feisty, but very sweet. We adore her.


That face! What a cutie. :heart_eyes:

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Today was a gut punch. I took her to the vet this afternoon, she very quickly stole everyone’s heart with her sweet smile and calm behavior.
The vet began to perform a normal exam with an abdominal palpitation. He discovered a large abdominal mass and everything else went on hold. They were able to X-ray her on the spot, and we have an appointment for an ultrasound Wednesday.

Jingles for my daughter and my grand dawg! No matter what, Madame is family and we will do the best for her and love her to bits.


Sending jingles. My old trainer had a rattle, delightful companion.

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Jingles for Madame and you guys. I hope you get good news.

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Jingling for Madame!

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Thank you all for the jingles! And if you don’t mind, keep them coming. Madame will have an ultrasound tomorrow morning…

Despite everything, she wears the biggest smile all of the time! :heart::heart::heart:


Jingling like mad!

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Jingling here.

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