What can you tell me about the pinto oldenburg Rainbow lines?

We are looking at a grandson of the pinto stallion Rainbow. Gelding seems cute, willing, super quiet, just very green. Does anyone have experience working with this line?

I feel like that is a name I have not heard in a very long time!

If you use the search function to search this Sport Horse Breeding forum for him, you will find some discussion from the 00s and early 10s.

Here’s one thread:

Of course you have to wade through all the Rainbow Equus Meadows and rainbow bridge stuff.

He had an approved son, too… Spectrum…

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Thank you so much, checking out that thread now!

Yes, the Rainbow Equus Meadows and rainbow bridge stuff is all that I could find originally. Since I couldn’t find much online, I assumed there wasn’t much on COTH either. I will have to dig it looks like. :slight_smile: Thank you.

I have a Rainbow granddaughter by Spectrum. She is a little aloof but comes around quickly. On the ground she can be a little snorty, but has gone to some scarey places like Devon as a yearling and watched other horses get really crazy and break loose from their handlers and stood her ground. She is 20 years old and one of the best trail horses I have ever had. She can go months without being ridden and is quiet. She has a forward gas peddle and good brakes and I have no problem putting a beginner on her. Does she sound like a horse that I am crazy about? You bet. I am 77 years old and have no qualms getting on her and going on a trail ride. Oh by the way, she goes in a hackamore too.

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