Where can I get Pentosan?

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Pentosan is really expensive here in Saudi (about 200 USD / 10mL dose). I want to purchase Pentosan online, but since I’m in Saudi Arabia, I can’t provide websites such as WedgeWood with RX prescription. I found “fishy” websites such as RaceHorseMeds which provide medication without a prescription, and I don’t feel comfortable purchasing medication from them. Do you know any international distributor/pharmacy that will provide the Pentosan without a prescription?


I think pretty much anyplace that sells pentosan without an RX is “fishy.” That’s kind of the definition of selling a prescription drug without one, yes?

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Although I haven’t gotten Pentosan from them, I have ordered other stuff from RaceHorseMeds with no issue and have been happy with what I received

Not all countries consider Pentosan a prescription drug.


I ordered Pentosan ONCE through HorsePreMeds/RaceHorseMeds and won’t do it again. My mare had a bad reaction to it, and they wouldn’t refund me - their advice was give it IV instead of IM, see if that fixes the issue. Hell no!

I’m not sure who ships to Saudi - you might check with some of the area vets and race horse trainers?

For reference.

Does KSA consider Pentosan a prescription drug?


The difficulty then, is that it is a compounded drug that can vary in its efficacy? That does make for a risk to your horse if you take a chance with an unknown supplier.

Have you tried any similar medications, Adequan etc… and do they work, or are they unreasonably expensive for you as well?

If you are a National Showjumping Rider I would think it best for you to consult your national federation for advice about medications.
Your FEI vet should be able to help you with this problem.

I am not familiar with KSA law, or customs and rules regarding equine medications so can’t properly advise you to do anything but take care (and I hope your horse feels better).

Perhaps someone here knows the law about shipping equine meds into the KSA and can help you, but if I were you,I’d look to the National Federation for advice and if you plan to go it alone, research the laws regarding the shipping of medication into your country as well.

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Pharmacies that aren’t “sketchy” are likely all in countries that require an RX for pentosan. Also likely that they don’t have the necessary paperwork in place to ship to Saudi Arabia.

Imagine it would be easier to use the tools you have available, unless you can make friends with a local compounder that you trust.

I think you meant to write HorsePrerace. I have been buying from HorsePrerace for several years. My horse has a reaction to it too, as do many horses. It may just be the horse, and not the medication. My vet told me that it is the preservative they are now using in Pentosan that causes the hair discoloration and other things.

The last time I researched, HorsePreRace was getting their Pentosan made in Panama. I suspect RaceHorseMeds gets theirs made in a similar place. In fact, once RaceHorseMeds was selling HorsePreRace Pentosan on their website.

I have used Wedgewood a few times and I had the same reaction from their Pentosan.

There is no way I’m going to pay the outrageous fee that vets are charging for Pentosan. Many charge 275 and it only costs about 112 from Wedgwood. I give my senior horse 1 shot every 7 days continuous, so it can get pricey.

I’m only guessing, but I think that if anything is injected with a needle, it probably requires a prescription.

I’ve gotten Pentosan from both HPR and RHM for years and haven’t had any issues. I believe ToN is right in that some horses will have a reaction to the preservative, and some won’t.

HorsePreRace and RaceHorseMeds are the same company - they kind of blur together. I have used Wedgewood for years, and before that, I used PentAussie, and never a reaction. After the bad reaction to HorsePreRace Pentosan, I went back to Wedgewood, and no problems. So that makes me highly suspicious that it is specific to THAT brand. And - the response to my concern was not forgivable!

Yes, it should be prescription, I’m not sure how they get away with selling it in the US without a prescrip?

The vets are selling the FDA approved version, which is super expensive - I agree, they have priced themselves out of the market!

My vet orders from Wedgewood and sells it to me - a 100ml bottle is $215. Just from checking prices, that appears to be cheaper than these sites from Panama.

I’ve ordered from Horse Pre Race with no issues. I’m in Canada.

I have been ordering Pentosan Gold from horseprerace and horsemedsonline for years and have never had a problem. I’ve been quite happy with the results. Their shipping is always fast and any time I’ve had to contact them for anything I always get a quick and professional response.

Is this a compounded product or the ACTUAL Pentosan brand?

This is bad but… I have no idea. I just know it works for my boy as well as another horse I had with me for a short while.

It doesn’t look like HPR has it listed on their website right now, but horsemedsonline still has it

Just curious because I’ve ordered OTC things from them before and it was always compounded. I didn’t know if they were also now selling brand name Pentosan Gold or a compounded version. I couldn’t find it on the HPR website.