Who makes a two horse bumper pull with front walk out ramp?

What other trailer brands have the 2-horse straight load with a side ramp to walk out the front? No dressing room, just saddle racks up front.

I’m aware of the Gore, a friend has one (though I don’t think hers has the ramp, just a door.)

Any others?

It feels like my 2h gooseneck is too big for some jobs and too small for others… considering switching to a little BP for running around locally plus a proper 2+1 for longer trips.

Google produced this; https://equispirit.com/products/2hstandard.htm

Here is a recent trailer thread with a lot of information;Balanced Ride trailers anyone?


The thread I linked to has information about trailers other than Balanced Ride. Hopefully it contains some helpful info for you.

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Take a look at the Bockmann Portax. They are fantastic trailers.

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Balanced Ride wait times are currently 9-10 months, so that may not be an option for me.

I’ve been looking at various models. Hawk is one – this is what I almost bought back in 2009 instead of their regular 2-horse BP, and I am now regretting it. They are a knock-off of Equispirit. My problem right now is that I really cannot wait until next spring for a trailer my mare will be comfortable on.

Somewhere I saw an ad for an older one… cannot remember the brand. It was under $10K and so tempting.

Some of the bigger stock trailer companies will make them – and will add ramps. Logan and Exiss do. I can’t find a website for Trailers America, but I just met a woman who has one from them.

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Almost all mfgrs have a front ramp model. But, as noted, wait times are way out there.

Off the top of my head, both Hawk and Shadow make one. I don’t know if they are with or without a dressing room.

Turnbow makes anything you want. My 2+1 has a side ramp. I’m sure they could make a BP version. It’s great!

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Hawk, Kingston. Seems to be a growing trend.
I have a Hawk. It also has a dressing room. Kingston Newport has the same.

Barnmate has this configuration in a Hawk. Lovely trailer. I really like my 2+1 but it is a bit of a beast for quick trips. I’ve thought about swapping out for this option. I bought my 2+1 from Turnbow. Great folks!

LOVE my Turnbow!

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I just sold one exactly like what you’re looking for. 2H straight load, front unload ramp, and a “tack closet” instead of a dressing room. Going with the tack closet allowed me to get the front unload ramp without having to increase the overall length too much. It was an Equispirit.

I loved that trailer. Loved everything about it, especially the front unload ramp. Can’t imagine ever owning a trailer without one again. The only reason I sold it is that my horse life changed radically and my needs changed.


Hi - You are likely to find a with dress sometime that may be on order at a Hawk or other dealer somewhere, they are very popular

non dress is not a problem but would not be standard or stocked ( I have on occasion done those for orders and ahve a standard without dress model )

I do imagine most any builder would accomodate it is just the wait time. It is an tough time in the industry, every manufacturer I know is booked very far out and pricing changes are the norm at this time. Many are not taking any more orders this year.

Wish I could build more faster!

Adam also makes the side unload option, in both their Julite and Jubilee models. Here’s an example of the Jubilee model that’s on order at a dealership I keep an eye on. They’re not local to me, and I have no idea if they’re local to you, but I’m tentatively trailer shopping and really like their website for comparing different options. I believe they may also have some other side unload options on order from other manufacturers–they carry several brands.

Trying to imagine the tack closet… do you have any photos of it? Do you mean there was a solid wall between the horses and the tack, perhaps only accessible from the inside?

Most of the ones I’m looking at are just open in the front with a couple saddle racks and bridle hooks. This is just for running to the vet or a local lesson where I do not need to take everything I own with me like I do for overnight trips.

No, I don’t have any photos.

Go to the Equispirit web site and look at the SoleMate bumper pull with the tack area in the back. The tack closet in my trailer was about this size, just shaped a little differently because it’s in the front of the trailer. You access the tack closet from outside the trailer.

It’s set up like this so that the nose of the trailer is open on the ramp side, so you have room to lead the horse out the front ramp. The advantage to that is that you don’t have to add as much extra length to the trailer to have room to get out the ramp as you would if you had a full dressing room in the nose of the trailer.

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Jamco…and they are built very, very well. I almost bought an older model that came up for sale a few years back but it was more trailer than I needed. I wish I had it now.

Equispirit and Hawk also offer front ramp options. I’ve had each and slightly prefer the Hawk. Eby will do one as well, though my Eby trailer is an 8-horse slant, so no personal experience with a front ramp BP. I will say the Ebys are very customizable/configurable (we have ours set up as a 4-horse box/double-wide slant for our larger horses) and are built to last forever.

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Hawk has the bumper bull with the front ramp. I looked at it before I bought my Hawk with gooseneck instead. The model I looked at still had a small tack room.

When I bought my Equispirit they were being manufactured in the Hawk factory, so I’m guessing that Hawk & Equispirit may offer some of the same floor plans.