Winderen Gel Bits - Anyone tried them?

These bits keep coming up as a promoted ad for me. I clicked…read through all the pages. It seems interesting. (However, I am always skeptical of reviews on the company’s own website) Has anyone in COTH-land tried these?

I am less interested in the changeable mouthpieces/cheekpieces…more in the synthetic material it is made of. Has it held up as claimed?

Ponysaurus is not particularly hard on bits, but his Bomber bit made of the plastic-y synthetic material wore down to sharp edges in just 6 months of use. He does seem to prefer a solid mouthpiece that is not metal, eggbutt cheekpieces. And yes, his dental, vet work, chiropractic, ulcer maintenance, stifle conditioning, saddle fit, general ensuring every part of Ponysaurus’ life is good, etc are all up to date. I am not looking to solve any particular problem but am happy to try something new if it shows promise. He’s just my low level dressage pony and this ticks a fair amount of his bit preferences.



I saw on another forum someone’s bit/bridle fitter let them trial a Winderen & then bought it since the horse liked it. After 4 months no bite marks of any kind

“The synthetic gel used in a Winderen mouthpiece has been fully tested and found to be completely safe for horses. It has FDA certification, which is internationally recognised as proof of high standards, quality, and safety. This means that your horse can safely chew the Winderen bit with no ill effects.”

"Gel Bits System is based on a unique gel specially designed for our needs. This material is pleasant to touch, eagerly chewed and accepted by horses, and at the same time is distinguished by its extraordinary resistance to biting. "

I would not be filled with confidence about the safety of the compound in my horses mouth, based on what this Polish company says. Also no MSDS.

but a made in China happy mouth is all good?

I have no opinion on Happy Mouth bits. Do you think it’s credible that a Polish Company has had their specially designed unique gel certified by the FDA?

Sure, if they’re buying it from a manufacturer that has certified the material and is white labeling it. Not sure what them being Polish has to do with it?

Happy mouths, Nathe, etc don’t have some sort of FDA clearance. I’m not sure why that standard applies except that they say it’s certified. Depending on what it’s certified FOR, that could be absolutely true. Food grade plastics are everywhere.


I think its highly unlikely.

So again, you want an MSDS for this material but the other bits made from plastics, rubber etc are fine because they are not from this company?

I don’t get the vitriol, really. I’ve never used one of their bits I just don’t understand the standard being applied.


No vitriol here. These people are making claims of certification that should be backed up with paperwork, if true. I have no intention of checking up on any claims made by other bit makers.

Not to get super off-topic here, but the look of this bit and the material made me think of the potential for bits that are 3-D printed and custom-fitted to the shape of an individual horse’s mouth.

Are there any companies out there offering this type of service?


I work in AM a bit and have thought about this (and have access to a metal printer). 3D printing is not quite there yet. The surface finish quality for most printed plastics and metals would not be up to par (meaning it would be abrasive), and it’s porous, which can harbor bacteria and moisture. Biomaterials and biosafe materials in 3D printing is up and coming but not without significant expense. In the future-future, maybe, but engineering goes slow without significant monetary investment…

I think in terms of custom fitting, leather bits can be an answer to this, but not dressage legal. And there are so many shapes/sizes of bits out there that you can accommodate almost any horse if you work with a bit fitter or you have the hours.


While the synthetic material may have been cleared in some human device use, this specific application is not documented. safe in humans does not = safe in animals at all times.

The advertising is hyperbolic at best, as while FDA is a standard, other agencies still do their due diligence. Ask anyone in drug development.

as far as the pictured bit, as long as it is rigid and the porting conforms to rules , it is probably best to try for yourself. Your horses particular mouth and mouthing will tell the story.

I have not bought bits from them but I have bought several half pads and I will say their customer service is excellent, if you have questions, concerns I’m sure Piotr or Aleksandra would be happy to answer, and they speak perfect English.

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Good to hear about their customer service! I also somewhat agree with the happy mouth bits as at least the gel bit won’t get pointy like a happy mouth. No issue with happy mouths but you do have to replace them once they get the bite marks which is annoying