Wing Tempo needs his Saddlebred Championship - edited ... HE GOT IT!

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Many breeds have championship designations (Legion of Honor, etc.). The Saddlebred breed designates their champions with “CH” in front of the horse’s name.

Just this year, the ASHA BOD has started to revise and open up the CH designation to horses that perform at a high standard outside of the traditional Saddle Seat avenue. They have revised and made more equitable how the hunters and Western horses can achieve their CH designation, and have added the equitation horses as well.

It’s time, I believe, to recognize the Jackie Robinson of the Saddlebred world, Wing Tempo.

Many of you in CTR know of Wing Tempo’s fine record, however, you may not know that Wing Tempo did not have an auspicious start to life.
Wing Tempo was an orphan. His lifetime owner, Shirley Sobol, of North Carolina, found him and took him home in the back of her station wagon. He was not supposed to live. But, given the Saddlebred breeding (by Wing Rhythm out of Too Fresh), and Saddlebred heart, he not only lived, but he triumphed.

In a world dominated by Arabians, Wing Tempo steadily built up the miles. He set the record of 20,710 miles ridden while in his early 20’s. The record was finally broken by Elmer Bandit who had to wait until he was 37 (incredible in itself) to compile the mileage.

Wing Tempo is 34 and is still with us in North Carolina. For years, he has been an unsung hero, breaking barriers and working as a Saddlebred Ambassador.

Won’t you join me in signing your name below in petition to the ASHA BOD to recognize this wonderful example of the Saddlebred?

If you believe that Wing Tempo should be CH Wing Tempo, please add your real name below (or if you are shy, you can PM me).

Kathie Dunn

Count me in
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I’m on board!

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These are 20,710 Competitive Trail miles, right? Quite an achievement!

Great article on Wing Tempo!

Yes, they are CTR miles. He won 22 national titles.

The story behind him becoming an orphan - his mother died in a barn fire (I believe about a week after he was born) and they found him all smoky and singed, but took him home and nursed him back to health.

This is well overdue for this guy.

And, ASBnTX and pnb - if you’re on board, need names :slight_smile:

I am in, too! I did a couple of Region 5 NATRC rides about 9 years ago and had the pleasure of meeting both Wing Tempo and Shirley Sobol.

Dana Wicher

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I’m in. For sure! :yes:

Absolutely add me to the list.

To those who are adding to the list - thank you, but I need real names, not screen names. You can PM me if you want.

Anna Wilson Young votes YES!


Bumping this up.

I’m in.

Liz Ireland

I’m in

Victoria Morrow

I will have to ask the woman who owns the stable I am using. She was one of the top breeders of ASB (Frances Romero) and was one of the owners of Sultan’s Santana to sign if I see her soon

I agree, this horse has definitely earned some recognition from his breed association/registry, and it is long overdue!


Inaugural Presentation of ASHA Wing Tempo Award to Take Place at 2011 Saddlebred Convention

Lexington, Kentucky - The American Saddlebred Horse Association (ASHA) will present the newly created ASHA Wing Tempo Award for the first time in 2011, at the Annual Saddlebred Convention and Youth Conference, set to take place beginning Thursday, February 17, through Saturday, February 19, at the Griffin Gate Marriott Resort & Spa, in Lexington, Kentucky.

This newly created award will recognize American Saddlebreds that have achieved excellence of the highest order in disciplines and venues not typically considered within the standard show ring structure. To receive consideration for this award, horses must be registered with the American Saddlebred Registry.

The inaugural recipient of the award will be the award’s very namesake, Wing Tempo. Named after his grandsire, the famed CHWing Commander, Wing Tempo is a seven-time winner of the North American Trail Ride Conference’s (NATRC) President’s Cup, a prestigious national award which was declared retired, and placed on permanent display in the Distance Riding exhibit at the International Museum of the Horse.

Wing Tempo and owner Shirley Sobol of Black Mountain, North Carolina, also won the combined horse and horsemanship award, and a Saddlebred became the first NATRC horse to document 10,000 miles in the log. Wing Tempo was a longtime distance record holder, with a lifetime trail record of 20,710 miles. In fact, this record held up until just last year.

Wing Tempo has received many honors, and played an important role in the ASHA documentary Image of Excellence.

Great news!

My old guy is also an own grandson of CHWing Commander by a different sire - I am just tickled by this news and I’m going to copy that off for my trainer. She’ll be able to go to the convention and appreciate it!

Thanks so much for the update!

Fantastic News! Finally the ASHA gives in and rewards a very deserving horse
some accolades outside the normal show ring.

I, too, have a Wing Commander great grandson who also has the HUGE HEART and never gives up.