Would you switch vet clinics over payment type?

Specifically, would you switch vet clinics if they stopped taking your preferred credit card - or would you open a new credit card JUST to stay with them?

Recent situation I ran into with the vet I use for mostly emergency appointments, both large and small animal. I use another clinic for lameness/specialty work, but they are too far for emergency farm calls. I like them fine, it’s more of a country/farm vet so they get the job done, no frills, but I wouldn’t say I’m attached to them. I intentionally use only this card and keep it on file because I do not have to worry about how much things cost in the moment, or what to do if a farm sitter has to call the vet. Card is on file, do what is necessary, just send me a receipt.

Just curious what others would do - there is no wrong answer! I am currently mulling over the options.

So I understand, you use and they hace accepted something like MasterCard, and now they do not? And MC is your only CC or the one you use for animal stuff? Or is it your debit card assoc to your bank acct they no longer accept? If the first, that sucks a bit but maybe can they take Paypal and you can link that CC?

Personally if I had a vet I liked I would probably stay with them, but it depends on your overall credit profile - maybe opening a new credit card wouldn’t be a bad idea regardless. Also depends on the availability of good vets in your area.

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I’d open a new card. Vets are hard to find.


Basically, yes. They switched to a new payment system and don’t take American Express anymore, which is the card I use for all vet bills. We do have emergency funds, but I prefer to just throw it all on the card and do the math later. I do have another CC but I wouldn’t use it for vet bills for a couple different reasons.

I have an ‘emergency’ appointment with another practice this evening for my senior GSD who I think has a UTI, I could not get through to anyone this morning at the other vet’s office. So we will see how they are. It’s another practice that does large/small, and is about the same distance.

@Training_Cupid I like them well enough, but I think most of the vets in the area provide similar service, there’s not anything particularly stand out about them.

I am in Australia and over 2 decades ago I had an American Express card. My entertainment (sad I know) was to offer it and see how many times it was rejected in a day.

They take higher fees for their use so most places don’t accept them here and believe me it was not easy to cancel it - and over a decade later it came through with a charge from an ex.

Nope nada no how. I rang them and told them it was cancelled a decade ago and if they were stupid enough to accept a charge on it from him, they could pay for it.

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Yes, I know the fees are higher which is why some places don’t take them, completely understandable. I don’t use it that often and it hasn’t been an issue except now with this vet situation.

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While a pita to cancel a card / get new card - if I liked the vet - that’s what I would do

^ that said … due to I Do NOT, let’s just say ‘appreciate’ most of the large:small vets in my area due to unacceptable service SO if my great vet stopped accepting my card …I would change for her • she’s a ‘keeper’. Talented and honest !

And you can always make changes in the future - Good Luck

If I really liked the vet, yes I’d get or use a different card.
If I were as indifferent to the actual vet services as your posts read and there are options, then I’d try a different vet.

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I would prefer to get a new credit card rather than a new vet. I used AmEx years ago, but found that many places do not take it, so went to a more mainstream card. It may not be easy to find a vet practice that takes AmEx at this point.

I will say that I am picky about my vets and have looked long and hard to find one that I really gel with, so I would be very reluctant to make a change over something like this.

I would set up a payment method they accept. Good vets you trust are hard to find and I would pay mine in wheelbarrows of pennies if that was their preferred method.


ETA I don’t think my regular vet (who I love) takes any sort of credit card, I’ve always paid by check.

Do they take any electronic payments like PayPal or Venmo?? Then you could have the AE card as the payment type on PP… But yes, I would open a new card if I liked the vet.

If you like the vet, switching over method of payment seems extreme. Balancing the books for a veterinary clinic is no easy task.

Likewise. I try fo save my vet the 3% or so on fees by paying by cheque or e-transfer. In the past couple of years, almost all vet invoices come with instructions on how to e-transfer the amount directly to them. Much easier I think??

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Either get a new credit card or just write a check for that vet. You never know when you’ll have an emergency and that is the only vet you can get ahold of

I agree with the others.

I use my regular horse vet for my horse emergencies. My small animal vet has us go to a local Emergency vet for off hour things.
I like my regular horse vet, I like their emergency services, so I am more than willing to pay using whatever format they prefer (I have a credit card on file).

Small animal emergency services are limited here which means I pay using whatever they take or I have no emergency services.

I guess if you have lots of options available, and no real preferences for who you use then you can stand by your desire to pay how you want to.

I would rather get a new credit card than a new vet. Even if I didn’t have a strong preference for the vet, if the practice has a history with my animal, it’s far less fuss to apply for a new CC than transition the critter’s paperwork, do a new well horse visit so the vet gets a baseline, etc.

Presuming you have good credit, a no annual fee cash back Visa or MasterCard is easy to find.

If that presumption doesn’t hold the answer might be different.


If you regularly pay off that AMEX balance, consider CareCredit.
Stupid-High interest (26% IIRC) but they offer a 6-mos Interest Free “Promotional” starter & then if you pay off the balance in 30 days. no slam with the higher rate.
In case I got that NQR:


ETA: most vets will take it as payment, smaller practices may not
My small animal practice accepts it, horse vet does not.

Only the equine hospital demands a deposit and then full payment at time of service. For my farm vet that would handle an emergency, I’d have time to get the bill, review, send a check. Sometimes I like the option of using a card (cash back on the $$$ vet bills), but I don’t think I’d change practices just over this issue especially if they are reliable in an emergency.