Yet another blanket thread

I need another rain sheet and I don’t know what to buy. I have a Fjord, who certainly doesn’t need much, but he’s older and arthritic and when we have a soaking rain and a cold front coming in right afterward, I use one to keep him dry.

He measured 72, however the 72 Amigo is way too tight in the chest, his belly hangs out on the sides and with the chest extender, the thing won’t stay in place. It’s halfway over one side by the morning.

I’ve searched old threads and saw alot of people saying the Optimo runs big - does anyone have any experience with it compared to the Amigo?

I’m going to measure him again to make sure I didn’t screw up, but I’m tired of buying and returning things. :wink:

I might look into smartpak’s or schneider’s blankets that are designed for the ahem large shouldered horses/ barrels with legs. I will say, schneider’s fit guide online is not easy to use but if you call and describe your situation, they can tell you exactly what model blanket you need.


I have to say, I’m a little hesitant to try Schneider’s. I know people either love them or hate them but a friend of mine ordered one last year, it wasn’t waterproof on arrival so she returned it. Unfortunately, she didn’t try the replacement right away and it isn’t waterproof and she can’t return it.

I’ll look at smartpak’s again, though.

That’s him to a t! lol

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I got a Schneider’s blanket to try to fit my weirdly shaped QH, but I’m pretty unhappy with the quality so far. My horse does not play or get into really any shenanigans in the field and it’s already ripped after like a month… Luckily it’s under a 5 year warranty but they’re just sending me repair tape in the mail :roll_eyes: Also not in love with the way it fits her.

That’s a shame. I’ve seen so many threads talking about all the blankets not being made the way they used to be, even Rambo and Bucas. I’m sorry you’re not happy with it and I’m sorry their remedy is to send some repair tape. :roll_eyes:

Blanket angst is real! Not only what to put on but shopping too… lol

Have you tried the Amigo XL? It’s made for more draft type builds.

No, I’ve been looking at them, but I see the name Amigo and all I can picture is the fit of the one I have. lol

I may try to find one somewhere with a really good return policy and go for it.

The fit should be totally different in the XL model.

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My weatherbeeta freestyle turnout has lasted 3 years so far, no issues. Fits wide chested ponies and horses just fine. Mine has a longish drop compared to my Amigo sheet so covers the belly better.


Where did you find it? All I’m seeing in Weatherbeeta’s are the new comfitec line.

I found the optimo fit about one size bigger than what the horse would normally wear. For my wide guy with big shoulders, I am either in the Optimo’s or Premier Equine.

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I have a 15.2 Haflinger. I don’t blanket him, but if multiple days of rain are expected, I will throw on his Amigo XL 0 gram with neck cover. He’s true to size in XL, but in regular Amigo I size up to 74.

I purchased my last one on eBay. Otherwise I shop close outs and Facebook groups for gently used ones.

You might try looking at Premier Equine. It’s a British manufacturer and I think they do well with the more cob-shaped animals. Also known as barrels with legs.

I have a blanket from them for my Irish Draught mare that fits well.

Premier Equine pony turnout rugs.

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The Amigo XL definitely fits the broader types…my guy was in a 87 XL. When I put a regular 87 on him it was like a mini-skirt and tight in the neck (18h and about 1600 lbs will do that!). The XL fit him really well…but they can be a bit hard to find in the heavy weight version.

When it comes to specialized sizing, I’d also vote Schneider’s, with the very important caveat that you stick to the better-quality lines within the brand.

If it was me, I’d go to “Shop By Breed” in the menu bar, then buy the best quality item in your category.

The cheap-o lines really are a waste of money, so I wouldn’t even bother.

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I really like Schneider’s Nordlund high neck blankets. They have big shoulder gussets and are cut deep enough for my pair of rather thick mares. I also like that the sizing is in 2" increments instead of 3". Caveats being that my horses are 78-84" sizes so I don’t know if a 72 would be a shallower cut, and we don’t get tons of wet weather around here, so the waterproofing hasn’t been heavily tested. I do have the Tekno Fleece Blizzard in the same cut and water was beading off of it when it rained the other day.

Shires Stormcheeta might be another possibility. They are well made and a deeper cut, but not as big of shoulder gussets as the Nordlund.


I tried the XL on my big-bodied Irish fellow, on whom a standard Amigo cut in his regular Rambo size was too small.

The XL is cut quite deep in the shoulder and in the drop. My horse is no delicate flower but it was too much blanket for even his proportionally enormous shoulder and rib cage. I definitely think it’s worth a try for a horse who needs a generous cut in the shoulder and additional length in the body.

I like those - and they come with a neck cover.

I just need a rain sheet. Thanks!

You may want to try a Rambo. I have found the Rambo turnouts to be cut more generously than the Rhino or Amigo. I have a horse that is in between sizes in Rambo but fits a Rhino wug very well.

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