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Yet Another New Horse - It's Peach!

Yes, I’ve lost my mind. Yes, I’ve been saying for months that I have too many horses already, that I need to take a break from rehab projects and auction horses, telling myself that I am happy living vicariously through all of you and your kill pen saves for a while and just focusing on the horses I already have. Yes, I have a problem and I can’t really say I’m sorry about it :rofl: No regrets!

On Friday afternoon I caught wind of a 4yo OTTB that would be at my local(ish) auction here in central-ish TX. Not Bowie. I bookmarked the pre-bidding listing and thought I’d keep an eye on him just in case, but generally young TBs fetch more than I am willing to fork over based on a couple of pictures, sight unseen, and I certainly don’t need another horse. Saturday rolled around and at about 11pm as I was laying in bed watching TV, I remembered the horse and thought I’d check in on the live feed to see if he’d gone through yet. As luck would have it, he didn’t end up going through until well after midnight and by that time there weren’t a lot of buyers left. This is not TB country, and I didn’t have to fight very hard to win him.

My DH gets a special mention here because he is a blessed saint who doesn’t bat an eye when I tell him hey, I bought another horse! :rofl: even after I’ve been talking about cutting down the herd. He doesn’t throw a fit when I screw up his Sunday afternoon, drafting him to go with me to pick the horse up and he cheerfully holds the horse when I want to take a million pictures as soon as we get home.

Now, onto the horse. Identity unknown at this point, hopefully I can get his chip scanned this week and figure out who he is and why he ended up this way. His teeth generally line up with the advertised age I think, and he looks like a scrawny gangly baby TB who hasn’t grown into his ears yet. Guesstimating, he stands about 15.1 right now so not a big guy but he still has lots of growing to do. I will string test him later today. He was positively starving last night when we got him home and VERY enthusiastic about all the grass we have :joy: he was also very thirsty, and has drank his 15gal tub dry TWICE in 12 hours. According to the info he was brought in with, the seller had not had him more than a few months and he was in even worse shape when they got him (seller sounds like a bit of a trader type, IMO). He has a variety of ugly but superficial scars - one on the back of his left ear, another around his right eye, and both front legs have matching ugly scars on the outside of the cannon. He’s also got a split at the end of his tongue.

He walked off the trailer cool as a cucumber and has settled right in. He’s in one of my smaller grass paddocks for now, later this week I will move him into Bo’s pasture, the official rehab field :laughing: it’s got plenty of grass and shade and a nice little slope to it that promotes healthy moving. I just need to fix the fence we had to pull out to remove some trees this spring and then it’s ready to go. Last night he was pretty meh about the soaked alfalfa cubes I offered him for dinner, but I left it with him overnight and the pan was clean this morning. :+1:

Anyway, here we go again :rofl:


Ooh…chestnut w/flaxen mane and tail. My favorite color. Poor guy. No doubt you will have him fluffed up in no time. Another one for me to watch…since you couldn’t :heart_eyes:.



Yay! Another rehab of yours to follow! And surprise, surprise—a chestnut! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

He’s beautiful and flashy and I love that flaxen mane!


He’s gorgeous!


He looks like he’s got good feet! And he will be a fancy looker. Hot damn.


Oh boy. He is going to clean up nice. Blonde and chrome :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:.

I give it 3 months and we won’t recognize him. You have such a great eye at picking out the nice ones.


He’s clearly too skinny, but he’s got such a shiny coat! He’ll be gorgeous soon with your care, and he already is cute in a waif-ish kind of way.

I’m looking forward to the updates!


So cute! He won the lottery, coming home with you!


They were just trimmed, supposedly. The RF is distorted and has a potentially ugly crack up the outside wall that I’m going to have to keep an eye on. He was a little bit sore yesterday on the RH and today he’s pretty tender just walking around, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some abscesses coming up.

And because I have a sense of humor :joy::

You can see he’s walking pretty gingerly just in this short clip.

I knew I could count on COTH to be after-the-fact enablers who understand exactly what is wrong with me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :rofl: :rofl:

Properly suited up in fly gear and approving of the breakfast alfalfa cube offering:

The cob sized fly mask is a bit big around for his face, but I’m afraid if I go down to pony sized his big ol ears aren’t going to fit :grimacing:


Oh hey, what a FINE looking young man you have there!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Chestnut with flax and all that chrome!!! (2bayboys checks her fields, realizes she does NOT have one in that flavor, wonders why…???)


I have an extra flaxen one (the fun-sized one) that I’m supposed to be selling, if you’re in the market :rofl: Comes with extra flash (rabicano), only two socks and a star though. He’s giving me the stink eye right now because he wants to meet the new kid and I have them separated by an empty paddock.


I like that your chestnut collection is growing. You just have to have one in every shade, huh?

What’s next, collecting them by blaze type? :joy:

I love that he’s following you in that video despite hobbling. What a dude! :heart_eyes:


What a sweetheart! Not only will he be a looker, but he seems to have such a good mind, too! Nice find and what a lucky horse.


He’s darling. He look so sore poor guy…


This just made my day! Does new horse have a name?


He doesn’t look like he is in that bad of shape. Sure he is skinny but his coat looks good and he doesn’t have cracked up slipper feet. His legs look good and his feet are proportionate to his body with good heels. He hasn’t been starved long enough to mess up his appetite. A little bit of food and you won’t recognize him in a few months. He might have been over trimmed if he was used to long feet but that should be fixable. Maybe hoof boots?


Lucky? Lotto? Jackpot?


Not yet. Waiting to get his chip scanned and hopefully find a registered name. His paperwork did come with a barn name, but I’m not keen on it (and it’s the name of a friend’s horse, which would just make things confusing). So for now, he’s just ‘the new kid’!


Yup he is sore. With the tongue and body injury I would keep a thought that he was tied up and met with a flip or other disaster yanking his neck along with impacting the shoulders


Oh, so cute and flashy! And what a soft expression. Love him. :heart: