You know you’re a farm girl when

You squeal like a fan girl because your man came home with a stump grinder!

What are some farm things that you have been crazy excited over that might seem odd to the not a farmer peeps?


I am green with envy - what I would give for a stump grinder! Not only do I have stumps but also imagine the beautiful trails to be made with the chips.

My latest fun is my FLEET of muck carts. Some people are proud of their fleet of sports cars. I’ve got 5 muck carts going and have one more open muck tub and thinking I might get a six. Maybe I’ll post a picture of them all lined up. Finding w my FEL that I can just tip the muck cart into it and an easy lift. Saving my body.


We bought a post hole auger off Kijiji a few weeks ago for a screaming deal. My husband and I told everyone we know I think.

I just ordered a pine needle rake for behind the tractor so I’m not trying to rake several acres by hand. For me, it’s like all my Christmases came at once. I’ll probably rake the whole 16 acres.

I own a selection of wheelbarrows. 4 to be precise that we keep at different strategic parts of our property so one is never too far away.

I also get weirdly excited about getting a good hose.


Wait…what? I’ve never heard of this? I don’t need it just for pine needles but pine cones too…have to google!

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I’ve been jonesing one too. Need to get my tractor barn built and then I can start filling it with implements SQUEEEE!

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…when you come inside looking like this. And it was a great day.


Ha, when you feed your horses in your pajamas and maybe a glass of wine.

I get excited for a new load of rock. When our tractor finally arrived–can drag the arena and mow our own pastures now!


you get bitch slapped by a poopy cow tail and all you do is wipe your face off w/ a sleeve and keep going.


Ah yes, GRAVEL! I get so excited when I get more gravel. My non-horsey friends don’t understand.

And my new dump trailer? I was giddy. Again, my friends didn’t understand. Even my horsey friends who board their horses didn’t get it. But those who keep their horses at home came over to admire it.


When you are inordinately pleased that your Herd of 3 brings themselves in from turnout.
They are turned out 24/7 with free access to stalls.
Each goes into “his” stall & politely waits for hay, then grain to be served.

Okay… The spoiledrotten mini has to come in the service door with me & plunder any opened bale.
But does obey “Go to your house!” & go in his stall from the aisle.

The Hackney Pony makes nastyface at the Boss (with a stall grille safely separating them), but also does his version of Downward Dog.

Boss ignores the sass from pony 99.9% of the time. When he doesn’t, all he does is evict pony briefly.

And I enjoy 20min of peace, just sitting listening to them eat. :blush:


When a phone conversation with your mother abruptly ends with “I’ll call you back. I just saw a groundhog & I gotta go get the gun!” More than once. My mother takes the defense of her garden very seriously.


…the ground dries up enough so that you can run out to the barn barefoot, feet slapping pleasantly on the packed dirt trail.


When the outside spigot unfreezes and it’s the highlight of your month.


When you go to the grocery store in dirty Carharts without a second thought.


Hmm I have one of those. Not sure why I never considered using it on my pine needles and cones. Although we have more than usual after some very windy weather over the last few months. A banner year for pine cones too! The big question…what does one do with a mountain of pine cones and pine needles? I guess a big (but quick) bonfire?

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So last year I raked about 6 truck boxes by hand of pine cones and needles. It’s not hard work but it takes so long. So I went to my old friend Google and discovered such a thing exists. Slightly different than a landscape rake attachment - this one has less intense tines.

I’m in Canada so I bought this one.

But this one is in states and has great reviews on Tractorbynet.


You can get a small chipper/shredder and turn it into great, long lasting mulch or garden pathways. Or it would at least dramatically reduce the size of the pile.

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Stumps are evil!

I’d love to see pics of your muck cart line up :smiley:

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Mr LS got the stump grinder for a song on FB marketplace. Such a blessing for us. Granted it didn’t run when he bought it and the handles were crooked (hence the low low price) but man is a ace mechanic and fabricator and he had it in working order in no time.

You lucky girl! Augers are hard to come by used local to me. Great score!

I have a landscape rake. We raked up pine straw recently. It’s a dream come true. You’re gonna love it!

We love ours!!!

Super handy for a ton of tasks!