Another New Horse - It's Bo!

Bought this sad guy from an auction house yesterday, picked him up today. He was brought in by a trader with ‘adult qh gelding’ as the only info. This makes 3 redheaded boys in my crew, now. I’m no teeth expert, but he appears to be maybe 8-10, about 16h or so. Vet has been scheduled for next Monday, the soonest they could get us in, so he’s going to be getting frequent small meals of alfalfa pellet mush until then (following UC Davis protocol). He quids pretty badly, and his sheath looks oddly crusty but otherwise doesn’t seem to have any glaring health issues (aside from being horrifyingly thin).

No name yet. Soon. I bought him because he reminded me of my dear, departed ‘heart horse’ OTTB, who I brought home in pretty much the same condition. He is very sweet, well mannered, and HUNGRY, and is now tucked in with a big blanket at home. :heart:

Name ideas welcome.


Bless him and you for helping him. I like River and Smudge off the top off my head. I’ll be back later with more ideas!


Years ago someone i knew acquired a very skinny horse from an auction. There was something about his eye that she fell for. He was dubbed Bob (for Bag Of Bones). He turned out to be a lovely horse that learned passage and piaffe. Best of luck with your boy, and thank you for giving him a loving home.


“Thanksgiving” aka “Thanks”


You named him yourself, Tuck In , aka Tucker

Will follow. I learn a lot from these stories


Aww poor bub. Give him a big, strong name to grow into!


He reminds of a big QH gelding I knew years ago. His name was Lincoln, because he was the color of a copper penny. I like Lincoln, or Copper, or Wyatt.


Soon? Sooner?

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Oh, bloody hell. People suck.

Thank you for doing this.


He’s giving me a “spice” vibe - Cumin, Nutmeg, Serrano, take your pick.


Poor guy! They could trim his feet but not feed him?

He’s got a really sweet expression despite what he’s been through. Thank you for giving him a soft place to land!

My name suggestions would be Pilgrim or Plymouth, because he’s had a safe landing after a hard journey…




His facial marking reminds me of the Big Dipper.

Bless you for taking him in.


Oh, I like that. Wayfarer for a show name, Pilgrim at home.




Poor guy. Thanks for helping him out! I just keep thinking Hungry Hungry Hippo based on your post about how hungry he is, but I’m not sure Hippo makes a very good barn name. Lol.

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I am going to guess that the trader did his feet, he also dewormed him and said he was ‘back on regular food’, whatever that means since he can’t chew hay.

The ‘you brought me food!’ nicker I got this morning was heart warming :heart: Later I will go out and see about getting him cleaned up - and ask what he thinks his name should be! :wink:


For all that he has gone through, he still looks to have a kind eye. I don’t normally come up with names but “Sweet William” comes to mind.


“Tucker” is slang for food in Australia. He sure could use some… :slightly_smiling_face:

Lucky horse.


Additional pics now that it’s dry out. I brushed him, picked his feet and started the laborious task of scraping a million bot eggs off him. If anyone has any genius faster ways of getting those off besides clipping, I’m all ears. I don’t have hot water outside (yet) but I can bring it from the kitchen.

Quite the thigh gap.

He is perkier today…

I am no teeth expert, so if anyone wants to take a guess here I’m open. I do not have pix of the chewing surface, he is not keen on mouth handling so it’s a miracle I got this with one hand. I will try again later.

Neat partial blue eye.

My eyes play tricks, but I swear he looks like he gained weight overnight. Possibly just better hydrated.

I love his ears. They are unusually small for his size, close together and curvy. Also, his over-eye pockets are the deepest I’ve ever seen in person.

See? Ears!

Out for a short walk. He quids even the finest grass right now, but seemed so happy to find a prime spot.

Upon further investigation, he and the mare that came to the auction with him supposedly came from a ranch, owned by a guy who did a lot of roping. He died from COVID, family took over care of the animals and here we are. A sad story but one that happens too often.