Any advise for hand raising a single kitten…

That’s exactly what I said a few weeks ago … come on, you know you need a kitten or three!

I nominate baby Clint for Cat A Day submission: All those in favor say Meow!


Oh wow, I didn’t even know about pic of the day.

I absolutely just sent them a pic of Clint. I’ll definitely let you all know if he makes it!

And seriously, thank you all so much for caring about little Clint and for all the support and fantastic advice.


This is the late great Gatsby:


What a handsome boy!! He looks really similar to a cat my grandmother had (Sylvester) when I was a kid.

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That sweet baby is exactly where he needs to be! And what a lucky little dude to have landed with you and your menagerie!
We all do the best we can with what we’ve got. While it’s not exactly the same, my daughter is an only child. That didn’t mean that I should have given her to a family with more children! :flushed: She’s an amazing adult, and doing just fine!
Your sweet baby Clint is going to be just fine, and he’s got a fabulous family to help him grow into an amazing adult too!


Hi everyone. Clint is 5 weeks old today and is doing great. He weighed 11.2 oz today and is zooming all over the place. He is following the dogs and checking out all the kitten sized nooks and crannies of the house.

It’s getting hard to get cute pictures of him because he’s always on the move. Still trying to get him interested in toys, but so far nothing strikes his fancy.


Darling little Clint. Love his tippy ears and sweet innocent look.
The little ones practice that innocent look to wrap you around their paws. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


He is adorable! Give him kisses from us!


He’s precious!! At first, I thought one of his ears had the tip cut off but I think it just looked that way in the picture because he’s so young.

I bet he’ll start playing when he’s older. He might still be a little too young and uncoordinated.

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At that age all they want to do is run, playing is next. Then play fighting where he will be utterly annoying to anyone and everyone because of the need for biting and scratching and learning boundaries. If you can find a cheap cat tree he will love it. I know my little boy did at that age. he tore his up so bad it finally collapsed. He never really got into toys, either. Some cats are like that.

Little Clint is too adorable. How quick they grown up.


How is Little Clint doing this Sunday??..pic hint…


I’m Sorry, I didn’t see this till Monday morning. I got some really good ones over the weekend.


I love those huge hands! They look so different than on adult cats with more fur obscuring them, and fuzzier thicker-looking legs.

And your dogs are so good.


Such a cutie!

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They are Saints!
Extra dogtreats for putting up with Clint :rofl:

Himself is KillMeNow Cute :heart_eyes:
And, what Big Paws you have, my dear :astonished:


Lil Clint is gonna be a Master Climber with those big paws and extra toes!!

He is soooooo adorable. Thanks for the Monday morning cheer.

I’m glad he has 2 Big ‘Auntie’ Dogs to amuse himself.

Is Clint eating cat food yet?

*edited to change Uncle Dogs to Auntie Dogs

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Thanks everyone. He really is just to darn cute.

The girls (dogs)are so good with him!  The older red lady is taking care of him like he’s a puppy.  The younger (black)dog was pretty put out and jealous to start out but now is ok.

He is eating a mash of stage two formula mixed w canned science diet kitten food. He loves it.

He has also started using the litter box!! We are super happy about that!


Clint is adorable! Walmart has these like 9 dollar plush blankets that my rescued litter just loved as babies, and they love them now. If you wash them on delicate and air dry them they stay soft and fur-esque. If you dry them they get weird and cheap-looking LOL.

Those PAWS of his make his little legs look like sticks. I love his little face - his eyes are so bright and he looks so happy. And bless your dogs for putting up with him and letting him use them as jungle gyms or blankets or… :heart_eyes_cat: