Best sports bras?

Fellow busty riders… tell me what your favorite sports bras are that actually support and control bounce without cutting off circulation and don’t cost an arm and a leg, if that exists :upside_down_face: I’m a 36DD and currently layering two regular sports bras which works okay but not great. Just got one that I ordered online with great reviews claiming to be high impact… yeah, not so much. Help a sister out!

ETA: preferably one that comes in nude, so I can wear it under a white show shirt.

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40DD, so I (literally) feel your pain! There was a long thread about this in Off Course a while back. It might be worth a search to get ideas since fit is so personal.

I’ve had good results with Knix Catalyst -

It also comes in a front zip version. It’s in white, but I don’t believe it’s available in beige. FYI - I think they run a bit small and had to go up one size from their chart recommendation.

I’ve repeatedly seen recommendations for SheFit, but just couldn’t get it to work for me. It’s very adjustable and seems to work for a lot of folks. I got rubbed no matter how I adjusted it.

If you absolutely want to stop all bounce, Enell did the trick for me, however I didn’t find it very comfortable and would end up changing as soon as possible.

Also take a look at Title Nine as they do an excellent job of ranking their bras by support and size. Look for their four or five barbell options.

Here’s the Off Course thread - 2021: Sports Bra Redux

Same size and I buy mine from the Lane Bryant outlet.

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Title Nine has a good selection of high impact sports bras.

Knix! Huge fan. Like another poster, I couldn’t get SheFit to work for me despite the adjustability.

Ahh, this was my thread!! I feel famous.

Happy to give another quick update. I’m up to 6 Knix Catalysts I liked them so much!! I ended up with 3 of the back closures and 3 of the front zips. Once I got the sizing down (for me I had to go a size under their ‘estimate’, aka Size 2.) Fair warning I did not do their online fit consults so maybe that would help but their trial/return policy is generous.

Now I don’t ride in anything else and they are also comfy enough to live in for the day. @mh97 Your mileage may vary as you are a bit away sizewise but my larger gals barnmates also swear by them. Arm and a leg cost none withstanding I’m really pleased with the comfort, nonbounce and wear/durability so far.

There are two I like:

The Brooks “Fiona” bra, which fits tts, doesn’t rub, and lasts, but the band does roll sometimes on my older ones.

The Panache Underwire Sports Bra, which fits great is super comfortable, and avoids the uniboob look, if that’s something you care about. I really love if I’m just riding a couple. But it will rub under my armpits if I wear it to ride all day.

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We are not the same size, but I am a former devotee of the Brooks Juno, which I am convinced was the greatest high impact bra of all time and which has sadly been discontinued. I have replaced mine with the Under Armour Infinity High Support bra and find this piece similar in support. Like the Juno it offers a combination of compression and encapsulation. Particularly, I like the high sides, robust band, low profile molded cups, and very adjustable wide straps.

I tried the Marvel bra from Title Nine (made by Panache) and agree with their many dumbbell rating as I cannot imagine anything bouncing in that contraption, but the shape of the cup didn’t work for me.

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SHEFIT hands down! 34DDD here


The Enell really does stop all movement but I can’t wear mine long at all because it rubs and chafes on the sides of my ribcage under my arms. Introduce any sweat and it’s much worse. I hardly ever wear it. It is also hard to take a deep breath and makes me feel claustrophobic! 34DD.

My favorite (ever) sports bra was discontinued from Soma several years back and I’ve been on a search ever since.

Wacoal makes a nice underwire sports bra but it doesn’t have “temperature control” and I’m not trying to showcase my extra details during lessons.

I also just bought a “high impact” from Title Nine but the fit isn’t great, rubs me, and really doesn’t stop the bounce. I wore it a few times before making my mind up so now it’s part of my Useless Sports Bra Museum.

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I second the SHEFIT. I have a bad shoulder and big boobs, so finding something that gives me support and that I can put on and take off all by myself limits my options. I have the SHEFIT in white, nude, and black. I love them. In addition to riding, I’m also a runner and this bra stops the bounce.

Thank you everyone for the replies! I will look into all of them, but not sure I can swing paying $60-$80 for a single bra. I’m a professional and ride 6 days a week so I’m going to need a bunch. Does anyone have any favorite in more of a mid price range, like under $50?

Looks like Brooks is having a sale right now! That puts their options more in your price range, and they are also wonderful.

I got my first Shefit Ultimate Sports bra for under $50 by using a coupon code…

It is, without a doubt, the best sports bra I have ever owned, and certainly, the best bra for riding I have ever worn. I am currently a 40D, and have been everything from a 36C to a 42DD.

It is comfortable enough that I can wear it all day; and I have slept in it. (I prefer sleeping with a bra.) I went to order a second one today and couldn’t find a coupon code that worked; but I am on their email list and will just wait until they send me an offer that brings the price under $50.

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I love Wacoals and own three of them. I solved the headlights problem inadvertently one day. I bought a new swimsuit for a cruise and was troubled that after one wash the cup liners were all cockeyed. I decided to remove them and realized they were the same size as my Wacoals. I have to pop them in every time like nursing pads, but hey, I can preserve my modesty and it cost nothing.


@Bristol_Bay This will be a cheap fix and will put this bra back into rotation, thanks!

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SYROKAN Full Coverage Molded Cup Bounce Control High Impact Wirefree Sports Bras for Women Running at Amazon Women’s Clothing store

This is the best cheap sports bra I’ve found. I do have to stitch the straps in place because they slide and the sizing is a little small, but it’s decent bounce control for the price. This brand does a lot of knockoffs of more expensive bras so it’s maybe worth a shot if there’s a pricey one you like. And if not, you’re not out a ton of money.

I’m also a fan of the Panache non-underwired bra and I’ve gotten them for under $50 on Amazon. Maybe in some interesting color combos but that’s okay by me. The Panache bras do run a little big in the band so I size down. I love the optional hook in the back for dressage clinics and running. For reference I’m around a 40F and I basically live in sports bras.

The one I linked above is on sale, with others, for $35.

I buy nearly all my running clothes from Title Nine. Visit their website - their clothing is all about women. I do run in one of their sports bras and love them.

If that doesn’t work, I would suggest a visit to Nordstrom - they have bra fitters and they’re fabulous. I discovered I have been wearing the wrong bra size all my life.