Ignore Feature Glitch

I have just recently started to use the ignore feature, which is fabulous. I wish I had started using it long ago.

However, once in a while, it will still show me posts from posters I have on ignore. Then if I refresh the page, those same replies are hidden. A couple of other posters said they have the same problem.

Is there a way to fix this glitch? I am using Safari on a fairly new iPhone, if that makes any difference.

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I don’t have a good explanation for that. Have you done a full shut down of your phone recently? You could also try clearing your cache/cookies for the site, which can be a good catch-all fix when something is just acting wonky.

I don’t have a date for it yet, but we’ll be performing some regular updates to the Forums software relatively soon, which may help clear up some bugs.

I have down a full shut down on my phone pretty recently, and this glitch is still happening.


This is ongoing for me as well… with no rhyme or reason. Sometimes the post is ignored, sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes the ignored user’s quoted post is visible, sometimes it isn’t. Just FYI.

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Me too.

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I wonder if this is related to the glitch that occasionally shows threads I’ve never even opened as “following” with the green dot. Refreshing the page clears that, in the same way it sounds like refreshing fixes this, too :thinking:


Not sure. They may have made a change as now I am no longer seeing the hidden posts from ignored users, which may help with the “force of will” @Moderator_1 suggested!

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Same thing, I’m seeing posts from people I have on ignore.

It’s still happening for me as well.

@FrittSkritt and @MHM does refreshing the page help when this issue occurs? I’m not saying that’s a permanent solution, but the information might help them diagnose the issue.

It does for me. Sometimes, in the multi quote replies, I still catch a glimpse even after refreshing. Not complaining, just fyi.



I have not figured out a pattern to it. Sometimes I see the quotes from the person on ignore in another post, and sometimes I just see the ignored person’s name without the actual quotes showing up.

Sometimes I see their original posts, sometimes I don’t, but refreshing the page usually helps. Until the next time.

It’s happening to me again too. There doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason to when I see “Hidden Post” or the post, or when I see a quote or just the name of the ignored person quoted. Refreshing helps temporarily.

ETA, quoted @MHM because sounds like same issues exactly…

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Today, all my ignored members are suddenly visible, is this some election day joke?

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I want my ignored members to stay ignored.
Is there a reason that can’t happen?

Does refreshing the page help in your situation? Not saying that’s the solution, but trying to gather more info.



A few people have reported that ignore periodically seems to “expire” even though it’s been set up with no end date. If you delete your ignored peeps, and readd them, does that make them go away again?

So has the update happened that was supposed to fix this glitch? Because I just had it happen again with somebody I had on ignore.

And it was the same random occurrence, where their earlier posts were hidden, and then a later post was visible. Then when I refreshed the page, that last post was also hidden.

Not yet. :upside_down_face: