Ok, the Taco Truck cat toy - who got that and how did you reinforce?

I got that for my cats. (Yes, there were others but I figured they would like that one the best.)
It clearly needs to be reinforced before I let Mr 17lb party hearty play on it.
What did you do to reinforce? Someone mentioned balsa wood?

I can’t find the thread with the advice…

I used a copious amount of packing tape. Without it, there was no way it was staying together. Even so, I kept losing the little ledges that go along the sides at the top.

And after all that, the Jerk has no interest in it. LOL!

If you’re on facebook, have you seen the group dedicated to cat with the taco truck? If not, I highly recommend it. It’s called Bad Service: El Gato Edition


This one

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That was the answer to my own post. :roll_eyes:

I thought that someone had posted that they reinforced with balsa wood so the roof would not fall in.

@shiloh it was me!! I guess we both are guilty of loving big chuckster kitties.

I just went to the local craft store and bought some flat balsa wood slats like THIS

I then cut them and lay them across the carboard 'beams" length-wise and then put the top scratch pad on top of the new balsa wood slats. I can take a pic of it tonight.

That, combined with a bit of extra packing tape on the corners has made it quite strong. Don’t get me wrong, it wont last forever, but the cardboard is surprisingly sturdy to hold by big chonker boy.

I’ll also add that the taco truck will get parked in temporary storage since I picked up the new Christmas Locomotive! choo choo - all aboard for Holiday cheer!

good luck!


Mr. Carrots would like to thank you for putting more crazy ideas into his wife’s head. Just when he recovered from the impulse buy of the taco truck…


Oh my gosh, that is just too stinking cute!

We will need pictures of the train and your kitties for sure!

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Mr Tom definitely needs a holiday train.


thank you! the kittehs will love it!

There were so many others to choose from but even though I thought they were cute, they cats might not have agreed.

@AllTheCarrots - :rofl: :rofl:

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absolutely! Although I told the kitties they had to wait until after Thanksgiving to ride their train. Its going to come out with the rest of the Christmas decorations.


Nothing useful to add, but “taco truck cat toy” is my new favorite phrase.


That Holiday train is adorable! I wish I had a bigger house so I could justify getting it. And some more cats, of course.