Welcome Tom the Cat

such a HunkaHunkaCat.


The cat who “might not ever be affectionate or cuddly” sits with me or on my lap and purrs.

Today when I came home he sat and watched me from around the corner as opposed to hiding.

He seems less dependent on the stuffed rabbit as he’s stopped dragging it around.


Oh it 'll just keep getting better and better. Beautiful, handsome Tom is a snuggler!!!
Keep the rabbit around as they go in spurts, this week it’s the rabbit, next week nothing.

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What a handsome man!! Sounds like things are going great. :slight_smile:


Wow, Peggy. He has come so far in such a short time. Warms my heart to think of the two of you snuggling. He’s finally home, and he knows it. Keep the pictures coming! :kissing_heart:


Peggy - how did you reinforce the Taco Truck?

I did my own version of what was suggested in another thread, maybe by BatCoach? Anyway, I used pieces of box cardboard roughly as long as they’re tall to reinforce the side walls. I also used a fair amount of clear packing tape to keep it from popping apart.

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And because I’m here anyway, a photo taken with the “camera camera.”


Oh SO Handsome. He looks so elegant and calm. I think he is feeling right at home. Where he belongs.
Give him a smooch for me.


Yep, you can see it in his eyes. Definitely home to stay.:heart::heart:


yes, the whole expression is different. Finally at peace.

I like to hear that he’s now purring. :relaxed: :relaxed:


gorgeous! He knows is he a fortunate boy. I love his mis-matched socks. One is a full knee-length sock, and the other is a tiny peddie that only covers the toes LOL.


I love the pic of him crashed out on the quilt. I feel you should send pics of that miserable fleabag to the rescue. Not as a neener-neener (what, me?) but to send the message that every cat deserves a chance.


He purrs pretty much when you look at him. He purrs when you feed him. He is currently sitting on me and purring.


I had no idea what markings he had, other than his head and part of one leg. That’s all I could see in his photo and at the shelter since he was in such a compact ball backed into the corner.

Although all four feet are white his pads and toe beans are a mix of black and white.

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I sent the shelter (it’s a county-run shelter) an email with a photo early on.

Although I received warnings from the person who called me, the woman who helped me at the shelter and watched me with him was very encouraging; without her I might not have taken him home. I mentioned her in the email I sent and hope they shared it with her, but who knows.

In an odd twist of fate I know the person who is the head of the county shelter system (through horses, of course) and she responded to my post about Dice as I was sitting outside the shelter waiting for them to bring Tom out.


your story reminds me of how forgiving and redeemable these throw away animals are.

that’s ok cause that’s how so many of us have received their greatest gift.

their gift to us is their enduring love…


Since Tom is already dressed up for the Holiday, can we get a Holiday pic?

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Do you think he needs a spiffy holiday bow tie?

At the moment I don’t have a suitable holiday background bc I have been remiss WRT a Target shopping trip. If I don’t make it tomorrow there’s no way I’m going near there until Monday.

But I have these.


What a handsome fella! Thanks for the pic and have a good Holiday!